Social Media Drives Traffic

Marketing is one of the most important expenditures a growing business can pursue. Getting your company’s name to the public is the key to building brand awareness and eventually bringing in sales revenue. Traditionally, marketing has been an expensive but necessary cost associated with doing business; however, that is quickly changing.

Social media has changed the way consumers shop and spend their time. Far more than just being a way to communicate with friends and family, social media has woven itself into the very fabric of our culture. The places that consumers spend their time and attention are exactly where advertisers and marketers want to be, so the natural progression of social media platforms towards an advertising-based business model makes sense.

In order to take advantage of social media as a means of communicating with consumers, many businesses have created their own social media presence on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, over 60% of all small businesses now have their own regularly maintained Facebook page, and increasing numbers are hiring “social media managers” to keep their social media presence updated and engaging for consumers.

Why are businesses willing to spend significant amounts of resources on social media? What many businesses have come to realize is that, when used correctly, social media can be an effective and inexpensive way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites. Consumers increasingly want to be engaged by the companies they do business with, and social media offers a personalized yet far-reaching opportunity to respond to those consumer expectations.

The ultimate goal for any business on social media is to eventually convert its social media presence into traffic to its website, which can then be converted into sales. In order to do this, businesses must provide engaging and valuable content on its Facebook page, Twitter feed, and wherever else they wish to gain a following. Some popular techniques to achieve this goal include:

  • Post status updates and links to interesting articles (preferably on your own website!) that your followers will want to click on and, more importantly, will want to share with their friends and families.
  • Offer special deals and promotions that are exclusive to followers on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will give consumers an added incentive to follow your social media pages, and it will also make them feel appreciated by the company. Social media promotions are a great way to build brand awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Create and link to landing pages that are relevant to your product or industry. Landing pages are a great way to expand the scope of ways that consumers will ultimately end up visiting your primary website. By creating or linking to relevant landing pages, you can further increase your overall internet presence.