Using Facebook for Local Targeted Online Marketing

Every business owner knows that the key to growing their business is an effective and targeted marketing strategy. From newspaper advertisements to press releases and media stories, finding a way to get your company in the minds of consumers is essential to successfully increasing your base of customers. However, these traditional types of marketing can be expensive, and the cost-effectiveness is decreasing more and more every year. Fortunately, there is an alternative method of marketing that is far more cost-effective and is gaining popularity every year: Facebook.

Facebook has been causing ripples in the marketing industry for quite some time. Over 60% of businesses now claim to advertise using social media platforms like Facebook. This is because Facebook gives advertisers a great deal of control over who there ads are targeting, as well as a far more cost-effective consumer impression than one can get from a traditional advertising source.

Facebook Advertising Success Stories

There are a number of Facebook advertising campaigns that have been given a significant amount of positive attention due to their overwhelming success. Here are a couple of the most noteworthy:

Bing - Bing ran a Facebook advertisement that showed a college graduate going on vacation. The ad targeted a specific niche (college students) and got them thinking about something they wanted to do: take a vacation after all the hard work they put into getting their degree. The ad worked because it had the right message for the right audience at the right time.

Kohl's - The Kohl's Facebook advertising campaign was one of the most successful and most publicized campaigns to date. Kohl's already has a built-in wide audience for its merchandise, and their campaign capitalized on that fact. The reason why their campaign was so successful was because it allowed users to choose which schools would receive portions of a $10 million donation from Kohl's. The end result was a Kohl's Facebook page with over 1 million likes, and the schools that received donations from Kohl's had upward of 100,000 likes by the time the campaign ended.

How can I customize my target audience?

One of the best features of Facebook advertising is the fact that you can narrow down your advertisement as much or as little as you want. Basic filters include the ability to choose what cities or states will see your ad, the age and gender range, and reported interests of your audience. By narrowing down an ad to a specific demographic, businesses can see which campaigns are working and which ones are not for a specific segment of the population. This means that marketing campaigns can be highly targeted to include only population groups that will respond positively to the ads. In addition, the ability to create advertising campaigns based on the reported interests of other users gives business owners the ability to target groups that are already using or considering the product or service you are selling.