Three Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Local Search Marketing Results

Social media, when used properly, can be very effective in helping to boost your local search engine results. Given the fact that this form of advertising is almost completely free, there is hardly a better way for you to reach your local audience than via social media channels. The following are three particularly good promotional tools and methods for getting local people interested in who you are and what you have to offer.

Use Foursquare

Foursquare is used by millions of people who are looking for a local business that can meet their needs. If you sign up for this site, you can include not only your business name and address but also special offers and promotions.

While Foursquare does not have nearly as many users as other well known social media sites, it can potentially provide a greater number of customers than other social networking sites. The reason for this is that Foursquare users are almost always people who have already decided to buy a product or service and are simply trying to decide who to do business with. If you are close by and even have special offers, then the chances are high that people will come to you. Additionally, Foursquare was recently revamped to make it even more business friendly, ensuring that it will draw an increasing number of users in the years ahead.

Google Offers

Most people have a limited budget and appreciate discount coupons and special offers. Connecting with potential customers via Google Offers allows you to promote special discount deals to a large number of people who live in your area, thus giving them the opportunity to try out your products and/or services at a discount rate. Once people have done so, the odds are that they will keep coming back.

Using Facebook the Right Way

Every business should have a Facebook account. However, having a business Facebook account is not enough to reach local clients. Your account needs to include local keywords (i.e. industry related keywords plus the name of your city). You also need to add information that is highly relevant to those who live in your area.

Providing discount deals to Facebook followers and/or those who "Like" your business page is a good way to get customers. Other good ways to catch local interest include using hashtags, organizing contests, providing special offers for those who submit reviews and using your site to highlight local charities and activities that you sponsor to help them.

If you run a business that serves a particular city or state, then you need to be sure that the people you are reaching via the internet are people who live in your area and would be likely to purchase what you have to offer. Local social media advertising and promotional campaigns have been proven to be very effective in boosting local search marketing results. They are fairly simple to implement and can significantly boost your business both in the short term and long term.