Tips for Using Curated Content to Increase Your Traffic

To run a successful website, you need to update content on a regular basis. The more you add, the higher your search engine rankings will go. If it’s engaging, your readers will come back more often, which also raises rankings and will result in more business. That’s one of the easier things to understand in the world of Internet marketing. What you might not realize until after you get your site running is this: coming up with regular content is hard work.

Using curated content can be an easy and less time consuming way to keep your site fresh.

So, what is curated content? It’s just another way to say that you’ve taken content from other sources. If you see an e-card or fun saying on another site or board, you can post that on your blog or website and then add to the content by talking about it, or bringing the conversation back to your regular topic. Always cite and link your sources. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest are almost entirely curated content, posts shared and shared again.

As a small or local business owner, you’ve spent a lot of time reading about different ways to get people to find your site, and your business. Posts like like one will give you useful ideas on how to drive traffic. Or this post will help you figure out how to make yourself more visible online. Learning how to run your site takes time. To manage it all, you need to find ways to be more productive in fewer hours. Curated content is a good way to increase your traffic in less time.

There are a few ways to use curated content to increase your traffic. You can post a link to a great blog post from another site, and then talk about your opinion of it. You can also use videos, pictures, and funny sayings, linking where you found the content and then using that curated content as a topic or as a springboard for a new conversation. This saves you the time of coming up with a completely original idea and you can write shorter posts, depending on how much content you’ve cited from the original source.

Another way to use curated content to drive traffic is by creating the content other people will share. If you’re really witty or can just come up with something interesting, fun, and intelligent, especially something visual and easily copied and disseminated, you can share that image on your site and other social media platforms. After you’ve created the content and posted it, encourage your followers to share it. This has the extra benefit of getting your name out there.

Building traffic to your website takes time and effort. With a little creativity and a lot of discipline, a regular readership will find you.