Angry Twitter users want to be heard

According to new research from communications company Evolve24, less than one-third of companies with Twitter accounts responded to participating consumers' complaints over the platform.

This can have a negative effect on a company's reputation, as 50 percent of respondents expected the company to read their tweets. Furthermore, when a company did respond to a gripe, 83 percent reported that they "liked" or "loved" the fact that they actually received an answer.

"What is striking about these findings is the strong degree to which consumers want to be engaged online to have their issues addressed," said Anthony Sardella, senior vice president and managing director at evolve24, as quoted by Convince&Convert.

Sardella added that these people seek to have a greater voice in the customer service process, and view social media outlets as a streamlined way to resolve such issues.

In addition, C&C notes that previous research from email marketer ExactTarget found that less than 1 percent of angry customers use Twitter as a main source of problem resolution. Thus, consumers who use Twitter as a sounding board have already been failed by prior customer service-related attempts.

A lack of response at this point may result in irreparable damage to the brand's reputation in the eyes of the consumer.