Celebs use Twitter to create awareness

Twitter has proven to be a useful tool for creating brand awareness and launching local internet marketing campaigns. The social media platform unites companies and consumers through direct communication and real-time information-sharing.

Many celebrities have started to recognize the influential power Twitter has over the public, and are trying to leverage the communication tool to create awareness about causes dear to their hearts.

Smokey Robinson, for example, recently launched a Smoke Alarm campaign, using Twitter and Facebook to solve some of the world's problems such as lack of nutrition and water in developing countries. Robinson believes using Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness, collect donations and create a call to action will be more effective than a charity concert, telethon or other traditional charitable events. Using social media platforms, organizations can accelerate the charitable process and collaborate with other celebrities faster, without having to convene in a single location and put on a show.

"In this digital age we have the tools to level the playing field for those in need, so I'm calling on my friends and fans to lend their voices to mine, so we can collectively give voice to those who have none," Robinson said.

Through Robinson's Smoke Alarm project, the singer will send out a Smoke Alarm tweet when an urgent need is identified in a developing or war-torn country. This initial tweet will then be retweeted to millions of Twitter followers who monitor the social activities and messages of Robinson's team of celebrity friends known as the Cause Swarm group.

These fellow celebrities have agreed to respond to the Smoke Alerts fast and efficiently so as to accelerate awareness efforts and make real changes throughout the world. The celebrity group includes such stars as Eva Longoria and James Franco, who will pass along alerts asking for donations and retweets from followers, as well as post the messages on their Facebook pages.

"I'm proud to stand with him as he breaks new ground in philanthropy like he's done countless times in music," Longoria said of Robinson. "What makes Smoke Alarm powerful is the man and heart behind it."

The Smoke Alarm campaign will be used no more than three times a year for specific shovel-ready projects. The goal is to identify a serious problem, create a strategy and then swarm the issue with strong support, solutions and donations.