Growing number of tweets per day lets Twitter expand to help businesses

Twitter turns five years old this month, and Search Engine Watch reports that the social media platform has unveiled some significant statistics about its user base.

The news source points out that the number of tweets delivered per day has reached 350 billion, and the company has secured more than 200 million registered accounts. In addition, the recent Woman's World Cup Final set a new Twitter record, at one point generating 7,196 tweets per second during the event.

However, Rob Enderle of the research and investing information firm Enderle Group told Forbes that the sheer number of tweets and followers each user adds has made Twitter unmanageable for users.

“I think following 300 people is the best most can manage," he told the news source. "After that, stuff just gets lost."

Twitter's ever-growing number of tweets has led the company to expand its business resources. Forbes adds that the company plans to release an API in the 4th quarter of 2011 that will let large advertisers automate and publish ads in bulk. In addition, Twitter has been contemplating the addition of Promoted Tweets to a fixed spot in the main timeline, and creating enhanced profile pages for businesses.