New Twitter feature shortens URLS

Sharing links on Twitter previously challenged users to either shorten their 140-character message to include a proper description of a link or use an outside source to condense the URL.

However, Twitter's new automatic link shortening feature can enhance local internet marketing by allowing business owners to post links, deals, photos, videos, and more to their websites from Twitter without having to implement an unfamiliar curtailed URL that could lead users astray from the intended site.

Carolyn Penner, spokeswoman for Twitter, explained to PC Magazine that shortened versions of the original link will be visible on the 140-character tweets. Once a posted link reaches 13 characters, the user will be notified that it will appear abridged in the actual post.

"This service also increases security. If users click links that are reported as malicious, we direct them to a page that warns them," Penner adds.

Warning users of the actual destination URL can improve their comfort level when they click on links within a tweet. TechTree points out that people may continue using third-party services to achieve the same effect if they desire.