Survey reveals teenagers tired of Facebook, increasingly using Twitter

According to newly released results from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, a survey of 802 teenagers revealed that they're increasingly growing tired of Facebook, though many still keep accounts there. Focus groups with teenagers revealed that they don't like the "drama" and oversharing from some users or that adults are increasingly using the site, but they choose to stay because they see Facebook as an entrenched part of teenage socialization.

Additionally, a study from online marketing group Amaze found that kids and teens aged 10 to 15 years were not interested in following different brands on Facebook; instead, they liked to connect with friends and family and follow their favorite singers. What this might mean for local businesses is that they will have to target teens in a different way through local search marketing.

One avenue that teens haven't yet tired of is Twitter. The Pew study found that 24 percent of teenagers use Twitter, as opposed to 16 percent of teenagers two years ago. If Twitter implements the rumored local search option, this could be a good medium for local businesses to reach teenagers.