Tweet controversy threatens Twitter's ad revenue

After two years of jumping through legal hoops, Twitter has gained the right to trademark the word "tweet," Search Engine Watch reports.

Two different startup companies - display advertisement service Twittad and digital bookmarking company Krumir - both claimed to have owned the rights to the word "tweet" before Twitter appropriated it.

Twitter filed suit against Twittad in Northern California U.S. District Court, claiming the smaller company's use of the word blocked Twitter's applications to trademark it. The two businesses settled out of court, and Twittad agreed to transfer the registered trademark of "tweet" to Twitter.

Krumir has been using the term "TweetMarks" to describe bookmarked web pages its users tweeted. The company's legal battle with Twitter is ongoing after the social media platform refused a $50,000 settlement last year.

Twitter fears other companies' attempts to trademark "tweet" will damage its ad revenue, as it hopes to see positive gains from its promoted tweets expansion.

In other Twitter news, Twitter analytics startup SocialGrapple was recently acquired by Google. The technology provides visual insights, email reports and can archive specified keyword tweets to track and monitor growth, Search Engine Watch notes in a separate article.