Twitter rumored to try local search option

Rumors have surfaced that Twitter is currently testing an option to make its services more local. The All Things D tech blog speculates that local Twitter updates may appear in the Discover tab, where Twitter will "surface relevant activity based on where you are in the world, serving up tweets from others around you - whether you follow them or not." Though Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner is tight-lipped for the time being, All Things D says the idea came from a recent Hack Week event and could potentially successfully draw on millions of users' published content to aggregate important local information causing a big buzz, such as events, sales and other information.

If a Twitter local option does materialize as is rumored, this could be a new area for local businesses to explore when employing local search marketing. Though many small businesses currently use Twitter as a tool to promote sales and new products or services, this potential new local focus will allow small businesses to market to more prospects by maximizing local SEO and connecting with local individuals who are not currently following the businesses on Twitter.