Twitter's ad re-targeting campaign will benefit businesses' marketing strategies

Since it started showing ads in April 2010, Twitter has gone through several iterations of its ad offerings. At the end of April 2013, Twitter announced that its ad options, which used to be invite-only, would now be available to all U.S. businesses willing to pay. Now, only a month later, there is news that by the end of 2013, Twitter will have fully rolled out a new re-targeting ad campaign, which will allow a business to re-expose potential customers to its brand through targeted advertising tweets. It's still unclear whether this will be a viable option for small-business owners' local search marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, businesses stand to benefit. How will Twitter's re-targeting initiative work? It will be similar to Facebook Exchange (FBX). Most likely, retailers will provide customers' email addresses to Twitter, and Twitter will match users' emails to their Twitter account, anonymize the data and then send it back to advertisers at the retailers. Retailers will then use this data to send targeted tweets to recent visitors. Though businesses will benefit, social media users will likely be annoyed and tune out, just as they report doing when they are targeted by retailers on Facebook and other sites.