Twitter's paid ads go mobile

Twitter recently announced its intentions to extend its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts ad programs to Android mobile devices and iPhones, according to its blog.

Previously, Twitter had only allowed local internet marketers to serve ads to users on desktop and laptops computers. The mobile versions will appear near the top of your timeline as regular tweets, and will appear only once. So, according to Marketing Pilgrim, if you happen to follow a brand that bought a Twitter ad, the tweet will rise to the top of your stream as a way to "ensure that people see important Tweets from the brands they care about."

Marketing Pilgrim believes Promoted tweets on mobile - while part of the natural monetization of social media - represent a far less intrusive option than most other ads on the web. You know the type - showing up randomly at the top or bottom of your screen, intruding your field of vision. When a Promoted tweet is placed within the natural stream of things, the fact that it's an actually a paid-for ad gets obscured.

The one downside for marketers is, like most things in social media these days, the ads will move "fly by" within minutes, so targeted recipients may not always notice a tweet that was meant for them, the media outlet notes.