Twitter to provide analytics for site owners, marketers

Twitter will unveil its new analytics technology this week as a way to help business owners accurately measure the amount of traffic Twitter is bringing to their websites, according to the company's blog.

Site owners have struggled in the past to determine how linking to Twitter affected their businesses. Google has provided its own analytics program for some time to help owners gain insight into local SEO campaign success, and Twitter's effort will effectively do the same, allowing website managers to gauge the influence of their tweets.

Twitter's July purchase of social analytics platform BackType was the harbinger for the analytic service. Now, owners can view the number of tweets about their accounts, clickthroughs, and effectiveness of a Tweet button. According to PCWorld, this opens up new possibilities for launching incentive and affiliate programs.

The most worthwhile aspect, perhaps, will be online marketers' ability to visually display to clients how many people are viewing their sites. They can also show if too many tweets are coming from "bots" and reveal the usernames and the times of each tweet.