Twitter unveils new features

Twitter recently made a universal switch to its new interface in an attempt to update its product and compete with social media titans Google+ and Facebook.

CNET reports that Twitter recently unveiled a series of new features to enhance the user experience even more.

The most significant change is the replacement of the "Mentions" tab with one that displays a person's username. Clicking on this button will display new followers, tweets in which the user has been mentioned or retweeted, tweets directed at the user and those that are popular among followers.

In addition, the Activity tab provides a comprehensive hub of twitter information, highlighting the latest Favorites, retweets and follows from profiles a user is following, according to the company's blog.

CNET adds that the changes will only be available to a limited number of users at first, and should eventually extend to all users within the next few weeks.

Furthermore, Twitter's URL shortening device will debut on Monday after more than a year of tests and tinkering. The function will automatically shorten URLs that contain 20 characters or more.