2021 Small Business Marketing Statistics That You Should Know

These marketing industry-related statistics will help you stay up to date and will inform your continued digital marketing efforts for 2021!

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Emerging from an unprecedented year, small and large businesses alike have an opportunity to learn and grow from the extraordinary challenges posed by the pandemic. As the marketing industry constantly changes, staying informed will help you stay ahead and adjust your strategies to fit these transforming consumer, market and business realities.

Whether you’re a local business owner or a digital marketer, the following statistics will provide you with insight into the ongoing value of digital marketing and the outlets where it is most effective.

74 percent of consumers utilize social media to inform their purchasing decisions.

From comments to reviews, nearly three-fourths of consumers appeal to social media for more information on a brand and its products and services.

Social media yet again proves to be invaluable to the customer experience with this statistic. And with a strong social media marketing strategy in place, your pages will be optimized to include all of the information that interested consumers are looking for!

81 percent of shoppers conduct online research before purchasing a product or service.

This statistic shouldn’t come as much of a surprise!

It’s honestly hard to imagine searching anywhere other than the internet to learn more about a business now, but it’s only becoming more necessary as the internet and digital marketing continue to develop.

This demonstrates the value of having a strong online presence so that relevant search results appear and are accessible when searchers need it the most. From your Google listing to your social media profiles, consumers want to have all the details on your business before they commit to purchasing.

60 percent of consumers begin their product or business research through search engines before visiting a specified website.

Never underestimate the power of Google! Your website should always be packed full of updated information on your business. But in order for a majority of consumers to find it, you have to be visible in their online searches!

Research on your business doesn’t always start with your website. With a strong search engine presence, you can offer interested consumers the information they need to know, where they’re starting their search most often!

75 percent of locally focused mobile searches result in offline store visits within 24 hours.

To start, you should know that 46 percent of all Google searches have local intent. With that understood, this statistic should be even more compelling!

That’s right. With such a large portion of online searches having a local intent, that makes the possibility of your business being found through localized mobile searches and then visited by a potential customer very high.

Once again, all signs point toward the value of local search. If you’re interested in learning more about the topic, and specifically, what goes into having an effective local search strategy, then click here!

46 percent of surveyed shoppers confirm a business’s inventory online before visiting the store.

Oh, the conveniences of online search. No longer do potential customers even have to visit a store to know what a business has in stock.

With website accessibility to checking in-store availability of items, many of the processes that once went into potentially gaining a customer in-store have changed.

In the past, a potential customer might have visited your store to see if you had a particular product. That would have been an opportunity to either sell the item or if you didn’t have it in stock, potentially invite them to check out your other inventory.

Now, while you may be losing this in-store touchpoint with a customer, having that ability to share your inventory information (including alternative inventory items) with website visitors is an advantage. By doing so, you are validated as an up-to-date business with the interests of consumers at heart.

93 percent of brands have gained a new customer due to a video on social media.

93 percent is a huge number of businesses! And because of that, it’s time that you consider adding video content to your repertoire.

Video has been touted as the most engaging content for social media over the past few years now, and it appears that the trend isn’t stopping any time soon.

Learn more about video content creation and the expansion of video features across platforms by visiting these blogs.

As we all know, challenges always bring opportunities. Take advantage of these tips to ensure your business continues to be a vital part of the community!

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