Follow These Simple Tips to Optimize Your Instagram Page

Does your business's Instagram seem to be lacking? Check out these optimization tips to spruce it up!

Follow These Simple Tips to Optimize Your Instagram Page

Let’s be honest, as a small business, it may not be your first instinct to grow your Instagram page or even have one for that matter.

While this may be true of your current situation, we recommend breaking those old ideas and establishing yourself on Instagram!

Are you wondering where to start? Well, you don’t have to do it alone!

We have gathered some important tips that you can implement when putting together or revamping your Instagram profile that will help you optimize and build your social media presence.

Business vs. personal

First and foremost, make sure you set up a business page rather than a personal profile! The benefits and features that are provided to you on Instagram when you have an established business profile will be worth your while.

Some of these features include Instagram Shopping, Instagram Advertising, Insights and more.

When it comes to having Instagram Shopping and Advertising, your small business will be able to utilize Instagram as a platform for promotion and potential sales without customers even leaving the app.

Learn more about the Instagram Shopping feature by checking out this blog.

This business profile will also give you access to Insights that are not available when you set up a personal profile. But what exactly do Insights entail?

Instagram Insights will give you access to platform-specific analytics about demographics, impressions and follower growth, just to name a few.

With this plethora of information at your fingertips, you will have the ability to strategize and analyze future approaches to posting on Instagram!

Stay simple but recognizable

This tip applies from both a content perspective and a graphics perspective.

So, as you are walking through the process of setting up your business profile on Instagram, make sure to be thoughtful about the username you choose. This username should be short, easy to remember and direct.

Don’t overload your username with excessive amounts of numbers (unless that’s part of your business’s name!), letters or confusing terms. Your username should be recognizable and easy for social media users to search for, tag and more.

The same concept applies to your profile photo!

It is essential that your photo will immediately trigger brand recognition for your customers. So, use your company logo!

When customers are searching for you on Instagram, they want to make sure they are finding the correct page and an easily identifiable graphic or photo will help you achieve that.

Perfect your bio

Your Instagram bio is a great place to highlight the most important aspects of your business in a simple and straightforward way, but it’s not always that simple. There is a necessary strategy to keep in mind.

Firstly, consider your bio to be the easiest place to direct customers from your social media page to your website. So, make sure to include your website link when you are setting up your bio.

In addition to having this accessible means to drive website conversions, your bio should also be used to feature keywords and hashtags!

By including keywords, people who visit your page to potentially follow and learn more about your business will have a clear understanding of what you are all about.

Whether you run a retail store with children’s clothing and toys or an auto repair shop, including simple keywords that represent what you do is essential!

This also goes for including hashtags in your bio. When your hashtags are clear, concise and reasonably popular, they can attract more attention to your page.

Are you curious about which hashtags generate the most popularity for your business? Make sure to use this website to help you determine if your potential hashtags will bring traffic to your Instagram profile.

Final thoughts

Just like with your other social media platforms, Instagram can be strategized and optimized in ways that can bring more attention to your page and, ultimately, your local business!

No more guessing what can attract social media users to your profile when you have these simple tips at your reference.

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