Google Is Rolling out New Mobile Ad Extension Views

Google is releasing new mobile ad extensions to some AdWords users! How will this affect your ads? Read this article to find out.

Google Is Rolling out New Mobile Ad Extension Views

Google has begun rolling out new mobile extension views for sitelinks, structured snippets and callout extensions to select accounts. This is in response to the increasing number of mobile searches compared to desktop or tablet searches.

The ad extensions were initially designed for desktop-only searches, which meant that they weren’t optimized for mobile (and didn’t always look or perform the best). By rolling out mobile ad extension views, Google is trying to make the extensions easier to view, click and read while searching on a smartphone.

You might see ads appearing differently while searching for products or services on your phone. The extensions aren’t any different than the extensions you’ll see on desktop. The only thing that will seem different is the visual way in which they’re presented.

New Types of Google Mobile Ad Extensions

Here are the three types of new mobile ad extensions:

  1. Sitelinks are used to add more links about specific products, services or advantages, and they let users navigate directly to those pages on your site
  2. Callouts are typically used for your business’s advantages - what you offer or perks of choosing your business
  3. Structured snippets highlight specific aspects of your business, such as products, service catalogs, brands, product types and courses

What will the new mobile versions of Google’s ad extensions look like?

  • Sitelinks may be seen in a single file, horizontal line, that mobile users can scroll through before deciding which sitelink to click on
  • Callout extensions will appear in-line with your ad text in paragraph form
  • Structured snippets will also appear with ad text in paragraph form


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What do you have to do to get these updated ad extensions?

If you already have these extensions created and associated with all your campaigns or ad groups, there’s nothing more you can do but wait until the new versions are applied to your AdWords account.

And, if you're a RevLocal client (and you have a paid advertising plan) you already have these extensions and they should be applied soon!

If you haven’t created any ad extensions, now is the time. Extensions are proven to increase your click-through rate while providing users highly relevant information that’s intended to help them take action.

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