Google Opens Local Business Q&A Feature to Desktop Devices

Google is allowing customers to ask and answer questions directly in your local business's Google listing - from both mobile and desktop devices. Learn what this means for your business and steps you can take to control the conversation.


This year, Google started allowing people to post questions directly into local business listings.

Here’s what the feature looks like:

The Q&A feature for local businesses started out as mobile-only. However, Google recently rolled it out to more devices, including desktop computers, tablets, etc.

This means that consumers will continue to be able to use your listing on Google as a way to ask questions about your business. Other people can answer the questions, or you can do it yourself.

The new desktop feature was confirmed in a tweet from Google My Business's Twitter account.

The best part about Google’s Q&A feature is that it gives you the option to answer common consumer questions and get past any hesitations the customer may be feeling right in your Google listing. So, even though customers can answer the questions as well, you’ll still have some control over what people are seeing in your listing if you pose and answer your questions.

For instance, if customers often call your business to ask the same question (such as whether or not you carry a specific brand) you could post and answer the question in your listing, eliminating the need for all those phone calls.

But, try to remember that this section is designed for helping customers rather than promotion. Keep it helpful and avoid any marketing in the Q&A section in your Google listing.

We’re already keeping an eye out for any updates to the Q&A section and we want to make sure all RevLocal clients are aware that it’s available to both desktop computer and mobile users. We’ll do our best to help clients figure out the best way to use this section and answer questions.

As always, we’ll keep an eye out for updates. If you have questions, please contact your marketing strategist.

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