How to Boost Your Business's Website Traffic

Is your business in need of more online traffic? We have all of the information you need to drive more customers to your website to eventually drive sales!


It can be easy to get lost in the mix of the nearly two-thirds of small businesses that have websites nowadays. And that number doesn’t even include the large corporations that have substantial online presences with their websites.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, how do I get people to notice my website, then? It is not as difficult as you may think, but it takes thoughtfulness and strategy!

Here are our tips for driving traffic to your small business’s website!

1. Increase Social Media Usage and Promotion

Social media offers a reach to current and potential customers that we've never seen in the marketing world before. But if you haven’t taken advantage of this free opportunity, here’s what you are missing:

  • 59 percent of users are more likely to buy something from a brand they follow on social media 
  • Over 50 percent of marketers who have implemented social media marketing tactics for two years have reported improved sales.

Remember, though, these benefits don’t come from simply having or using a social media page. You have to use social media platforms effectively. By effectively, we mean optimizing your page’s information section for users to easily access your website, putting out promotional posts which link to your website, etc.

For example, if your business is putting on a sale, make sure to promote that sale through a post on social that links users to your website to find out more. This can apply to purchases, blog posts, or just about anything you want to drive traffic to on your website.

With keeping your posts updated and constant, you will remain in the view of possible customers. Your social posts should redirect customers to your website by including quick-links. This ultimately boosts traffic to your website and increases the likelihood of a sale.

So, don’t skip out on any opportunity to lead customers to your website through social, whether it is through a blog post link or a website link in your bio section. Show your customers what they need!

If you need help with your social media strategy, our team can help!

2. Implement SEO strategy

If you are not quite sure what SEO is and why it is worth your investment, check out these blogs for all the information you may need.

Generally speaking, SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it brings traffic to your website via search engine results.

However, these search engine results are only beneficial when businesses recognize what search engines require to be optimized and to ultimately put a business's website toward the top of search results.

Whether you improve SEO through creating high-quality and up-to-date content, including keywords throughout your content or website, optimizing photos or including credible links, there are many opportunities to get your website visible on search engines.

Did you know, search engines drive 93 percent of all website traffic?

With SEO included in your marketing strategy for increasing website traffic, this statistic will begin to ring especially true.

With all of that said, we understand that SEO can be a hard topic to tackle on your own. Because of this, RevLocal has the experts and service you need to stay on top of everything SEO. Click here to learn more.

3. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Don’t forget, website traffic is not exclusive to visits from desktop computers. Make sure you focus on the influence that mobile websites can have and how much they contribute to your website performance and traffic.

This tip also has a significant effect on the search engine rankings that we just discussed, and it’s a positive one. Sure, customers feel that finding a website that is easy to use on mobile is wonderful, but so do Google and other search engines!

So, by having a mobile-friendly site, search engines will reward you by positioning your business’s website higher in results.

But let’s get back to your customers.

Now that your website has shown up higher in your customer’s search results and they’ve tapped your link, it is essential that you optimize your website for their needs.

In fact, there are some serious deal-breakers for customers when it comes to mobile websites.

For example, 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and layout are unattractive and difficult to navigate. Or, what about the fact that 85 percent of consumers expect that a business’s mobile website should be as good or better than their desktop website?

Mobile website functionality, capability, appearance, etc. is clearly more than just an extra consideration when you put together your marketing strategy, it drives a large portion of traffic and, eventually sales for your business.

Final Thoughts

As we said, it is easy to feel lost in the mess of business websites out there, and it can be an even bigger struggle to know where to start when getting out of this mess. But we have your back!

By understanding the importance of social media, SEO, and mobile-friendly sites to your web presence, you will be on your way to growing traffic to your website and growing the success of your business!

Want to learn how to grow these options for your business’s website? Click here to request a demo to see what RevLocal has to offer.

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