How to Edit Your GBP with the New Updates

Google is retiring Google Business Profile app and offering new ways to manage your business's listing online. Reach this blog to learn everything you need to know about these changes!

Google Business Profile

When Google changed Google My Business’s name to Google Business Profile, they also updated how business owners can manage their listings. Instead of heading to the app (which Google is retiring in 2022), Google recommends using other access points.

There are three different ways to manage your business’s Google Business Profile

  1. Business Profile Manager
  2. Google Search
  3. Google Maps App

It’s important to note that among these three different avenues to edit and manage your business listing, there may be slightly different features within each access point. As you get started, it’s a good idea to become familiar and proficient with each access point to know what features are available and most relevant to your business. 

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1. Business Profile Manager 

Log in to your Business Profile Manager under the email that’s associated with your business. 

Once logged in, you’ll be met with a dashboard like the one featured below: 

how to edit your gbp with the new edits

On the lefthand side of the screen, you’ll find the list of categories you can edit within the Manager. 

To make updates, simply follow the prompts under each section! Take some time to understand what aspects of your business’s online presence are easiest to manage within this dashboard. Take notes so that the process becomes easier and easier!

2. Directly from Google Search

If you only have one business, Google recommends that you to manage it directly from Google Search. If you have more than 100 businesses, you won’t be able to manage them from Search.

To make changes to your business via Google Search, simply sign into Google under the email that your business is claimed and verified under and then seach for your business’s exact name in the search bar. If your profile doesn’t pop up immediately, including the city name can help. 

How to edit your gbp with the new edits

Similar to Google Business Manager, you’ll be met with a dashboard with different options and categories for you to edit or monitor. Keep in mind that while some features may be the same from Google Business Manager to the Google Search access point, there may some things you can’t edit and some new things you can!

3. Google Maps App

Open the Google Maps app and search for your business’s name. As long as you’re logged in under the associated email, your business profile should pop up! As with the other access points, Google Maps could offer some similar and different options for what to edit. 

One notable feature on Google Maps is notifications. Google Maps offers alerts for when something on your business profile needs attention. 

how to edit gbp with the new edits

Final thoughts…

Again, take your time getting used to managing your listing on the Google Maps app, Google Search and in the Business Profile Manager.

Feel free to bookmark and reference this blog whenever you need a refresher as you navigate this change!

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