How to Write a Business Description on Google

Your business description is more important than you may realize! Check out our blog to learn what you should include in your description on Google.

How to Write a Business Description on Google

Whether you are a new business trying to define your brand, or you’re simply new to marketing your business online, writing a solid business description is key to informing your audience about your products and services.

So where do you begin? First, take a moment to consider the who, what, when, where and why relating to your business.

  • Who are you? Define your business name.
  • What do you do? What makes you unique? List your primary keyword and services.
  • When were you founded? How long have you been in business? Does your business have a history that helps define who you are today?
  • Where are you located? Are you a multi-location or an online business? How do people find you?
  • Why are you in business? What are your future goals? What is your mission, vision and values?

Now that your brain is in thinking mode, let’s dive into the specifics of what your business description should include:

General Guidelines

Before you begin writing, make sure to follow the guidelines on Google My Business (GMB).  

There is a 750-character limit, but it doesn’t need to be that long; under two paragraphs with 3-5 sentences in each paragraph is a good starting point.

Ask yourself how much information you would be willing to read if you were the reader. How much information does the reader need to get an idea about who you are? If you’re struggling with deciding what to include, ask yourself if the reader could easily find the detail on your website.


Consider this structure as a starting point for your paragraph(s):

  1. First sentence: name, main keyword, location
  2. Second sentence: What makes you unique?
  3. Third sentence: What is your mission
  4. Last sentence: CTA


What do you want your customers to remember about your personality? Your tone should communicate the same type of experience you want customers to have if they came to your store or office — high-end, dependable, relaxed, health-conscious, homey.

If you are a lawyer, use more professional words like “trust” and “experience.” But if you run a doggy daycare, you could be more casual. Use words like “play” and “family.”


Who is your ideal customer? Consider their age, gender, culture, economic background. Writing for a pediatrician’s office would be very different than a gym.


Even if the locals know all about you, assume readers are not from your area. Perhaps the reader is planning a vacation to your area and is researching unique spots to visit.

Avoid using phrases that most would not know about. However, on occasion, there are well-known sayings that you can work into your description for humor, like “everything is bigger in Texas.”

Here is an example of a business description that you can follow:

Empire Homes is a real estate agency located in Granville, Ohio. Whether you’re interested in selling your home or if you’re a first-time homebuyer, our team of experienced realtors will walk with you every step of the way. Since 1994, we have been the local experts in the real estate market. Give us a call or visit us online to see our current listings!

Final Thoughts

Writing a business description doesn't have to be difficult! Remember to add emotion, keep your audience in mind and consider how you can incorporate your location.

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