It's Time to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

It's time to rethink and redefine your business's B2B marketing strategy. In this article, you'll learn what B2B is, how it differs from consumer-focused marketing and our top tips for digital marketing for your B2B.

It's Time to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Need help building a better business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy? Don’t worry. We’ve got your top B2B marketing tips in this article!

Let’s talk about what B2B is and how it’s different than consumer marketing.

What Is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing happens when a business sells products or provides services to other businesses. The marketing element comes in when the B2B business uses marketing strategies to promote its products or services.

We’re going to focus on digital marketing for B2Bs in this article.

How Is B2B Marketing Different Than Consumer Marketing?

B2B marketing is different than consumer-focused marketing because while a whole host of factors go into the way consumers make decisions (packaging, popularity, emotional connection to the brand).

B2B buyers (usually business owners or decision makers) buy based on price, price, profit and other business reasons.

Okay, now that we have that intro out of the way, let’s get into it.

Our Digital Marketing Tips for B2Bs

  1. Start with research. Research your target audience and your competitors. How can you reach your target audience and help them solve their problems? How are you better than your competitors? The answers to those questions will shape your marketing strategy.
  2. Use SEO to reach more B2B buyers. SEO, and local SEO specifically, are your key to making sure your business shows up in the right searches. If you’re looking to reach a local target market, local SEO (we call it local search marketing) will give you a boost and help your business show up in the right searches for the right buyers. Here are some of our quick local SEO tips: make sure your business’s website is mobile-friendly, engage in some citation building, and claim/verify/complete your listings on Google, Yelp, Bing and Facebook.
  3. Use LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn ads to reach new businesses. Since it’s a professional networking site, other businesses are using LinkedIn daily to recruit new employees and reach new markets. And, LinkedIn can be a hugely successful marketing channel for your business, considering 42 percent of B2B website traffic comes directly from LinkedIn. So, make sure your business has a LinkedIn page with up-to-date photos and information. Post your latest content on LinkedIn, and use LinkedIn ads to expand your reach to even more local businesses!

Final Thoughts

Building a digital marketing strategy for your B2B business definitely presents a set of unique challenges, but if you follow our three B2B tips, your business will be on its way to success!

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