Simple Tips for Improving Your Social Media Engagement

Looking to engage new social media viewers? Here are some tips that you should follow to grab their attention and potentially a follow!

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Engagement is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the social media space, and rightfully so! Social media engagement encapsulates a variety of actions that social media users will take on a page or post.

From likes and shares to comments and clicks, engagement addresses the ways users chose to interact with content on social media. And ultimately, engagement identifies the potential to develop a strong brand experience, as well as meaningful relationships with potential customers.

In a past blog, we established how to increase engagement with current followers, but now it’s time to address the value of engagement with users across social media who don’t currently follow your page!

Since we’ve acknowledged what engagement is and the benefits that come along with it, you should be questioning: how can I improve my social media engagement?

That’s what this blog is here to answer! Stay tuned for some of our simple but effective tips to create new visitor engagement on your brand’s social media pages.

First Things First

We’ve established that reaching new users on social media requires a strategy but let’s hit on the main ways to initially attract new attention to your page:

  • Utilize branded and industry-related hashtags.
  • Post on community pages.
  • Post at optimal times.
  • Optimize your profile.

These are just a few helpful steps in growing your social media presence to a wider audience. So, now that you’ve drawn in fresh eyes to your social page, here’s what you can do to keep them engaged!

Respond, Respond, Respond

If new page visitors are leaving comments on your posts, then you’re already experiencing engagement! But before you pass it off as just another accomplishment, remember that in order to encourage continued engagement, you need to acknowledge those comments, questions, etc. that you are receiving.

If a social media user responds to your post saying they love your content, make sure to like their comment and respond by thanking them and encouraging them to follow you so they can stay up to date with future posts.

Encourage user-generated content

One of the most impactful forms of engagement is user-generated content! And while new visitors to your page likely won’t be creating user-generated content on behalf of your business, they may discover and engage with your business through another user’s post.

Whether someone is choosing to repost your content and add their own commentary to it, or they create their own post that features your products or services and tags you in it, this is a great way to not only build engagement but also credibility within another network of social media users (for free)!

So, make sure you are showing your support for this form of content. It not only attracts those new potential followers but going a step further, it can inspire them to then engage with your social media posts and page.

If you are interested in learning more about how user-generated content works, make sure to visit our blog for more information.

Be Direct: Make Calls For Engagement

Does your content encourage visitors to interact with it?

Take this post, for example:


Here, we urge users to leave their most-used emoji in the comments. Creating this conversation offers a direct way to establish higher engagement on your posts while maintaining a fun and interactive tone with your page visitors.

By establishing this engagement strategy with new users, you have provided them with a snapshot of the type of content you create and the value you hold toward user insight and interaction. Ultimately, you are motivating them to remain on your page, engage with additional posts and hopefully, follow you for more updates!

P.S. You are not limited to asking visitors to comment! Create an incentive for them to engage with content in other ways like sharing it to their stories, for example.

Final Thoughts

Bringing about engagement with your current followers is a much simpler process than attracting and interacting with new visitors to your page. But trust us, it’s not an impossible feat!

We hope these engagement tips and tricks help you understand how to draw in that new attention to your page, establish interaction and keep it.

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