The Best Ways to Focus Your Bridal Salon's Digital Marketing

It's time to target the perfect digital marketing strategy for your bridal dress salon! We have compiled the essential practices to keep in mind when growing your online presence.


The truth is, wedding season isn’t limited to a specific time of the year; it’s year-round! From choosing a venue to finding a dress, planning for a wedding can be a year (or years) long event. For bridal salons, this means that reaching brides from the beginning of their dress search is essential.

Digital marketing should be your only stop to achieving this!

As the wedding industry begins to take on a new form with the onset of digital marketing, here are our top tips to help your dress salon reach the modern bridal dress customer.

1. Target Social Platforms That Brides Utilize

Brides are looking for dress inspiration and social platforms are driving the majority of this inspiration.

As we know by now, using social media is essential to reach customers, but you must recognize your audience and their desires.

In the world of wedding planning and bridal dress shopping, Pinterest and Instagram should be your targets.

In fact, of the brides who reported the sources they used for making wedding plans, 87 percent said they used Pinterest and 76 percent reported using Instagram.

So, it’s time to take advantage of these platforms!

Make sure you're putting out high-quality photos of your products, which will encourage brides to engage or share your posts.

You can gain a broader reach through social posts by making use of boosting or promotion options through these platforms. This boost will help you achieve a more extensive audience reach, and it will allow you to segment the demographics that you are looking to target with your posts.

Wanting to learn more about social media strategy opportunities? Check out all that RevLocal can offer your bridal salon. 

2. Create Content and Resources Around Trends and Popular Topics

Once again, you must know your audience to achieve this step! 

As an independent bridal salon, your specific clientele is likely drawn to your store because the products fit their style.

By understanding the styles that your brides are looking for in dresses or accessories, your salon can create content around different tips and trends!

Your salon could focus on putting together blog posts about the upcoming season’s dress trends, guides for choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses and so much more. This content will allow your future customers to see the products, assistance and knowledge you can offer.

Content creation and marketing is more effective than you may realize.

While it is cheaper than traditional marketing, it also produces three times as many leads as its conventional counterparts. Basically, this means that you’re going to gain more potential customers from using content marketing over any other traditional marketing effort.

You can even extend your content creation to fit a local search strategy. By creating content which targets a local audience and their local needs, your salon's content will rank higher in search listings to help generate more interest and leads.

3. Build Brand Awareness

This goal is rather broad, but it covers many important bases for establishing a robust digital marketing presence.

Brand awareness in and of itself relates to the recognizability of your business by consumers.

Take this into consideration when you address the prior goals in this blog because one of the most successful ways to build brand awareness is by establishing your brand’s personality and voice.

Make sure the content you create and the social posts you put out have a consistent voice and express the personality of your brand.

For example, if your bridal salon specializes in carrying unique and trendy dresses, your audience is likely to be younger and more casual. In this case, you should tailor your content and social posts to fit this. Consider using fun hashtags on social media or informal and conversational language in your content.

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to build brand awareness through digital marketing, hire an influencer to promote your business and products!

Influencers are people on social media who have grown a following and naturally have gained influence over these followers. Because of this influence, marketers are beginning to pay influencers to promote their products or services on their popular social media platforms.

Making use of these influencers builds brand awareness by allowing new groups of people to be exposed to a business, giving the business validity and credibility.

If a person trusts and has similar interests and style as an influencer they follow, they are going to be more interested in the products that the influencer promotes.

It is all about association and familiarity when it comes to brand awareness!

Final Thoughts

Your bridal salon needs cutting-edge ways to stay ahead of the competition and to reach new clientele, so take advantage of the solutions that digital marketing can offer!

Social media, creative content and brand awareness will bring your business down the path for success, and RevLocal wants to be the source for all of your digital marketing needs.

Click here to request a demo from one of our consultants to build the perfect strategy for your bridal salon!

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