The Evolution of Local Search for Businesses

Local search marketing has evolved over the years! Check out our blog to learn the history of local search and why it's so important to businesses of all types.

The Evolution of Local Search for Businesses

Local search — If you own a business of any type, these are two words you may be starting to hear more often than usual.

If you are one of those business owners but never fully grasped the importance of it, I’m here to clear up the confusion and make it easy to understand!

To better understand local search, though, you must understand the history behind it and why it is crucial in today’s constantly evolving digital world.

So, let’s rewind for a second and start from the beginning.

How Local Search Began

Back in the day, marketing was simpler.

Most businesses would benefit from making sure their business was showing in the Yellow Pages; maybe that owner even created a certain business name to alphabetically have them show higher in the rankings when people were searching for their types of services.

Or, they may have put their business in the local paper or newsletter.

Those who were starting to see the value in showing online may have even had a nice, fancy website, and that would have all been sufficient.

The truth of the matter is that while that may have been a powerful component to get more exposure or visibility, those days have now become quite ancient as marketing has evolved.

Fast Forward to Local Search in 2020

Websites are like an island in the ocean.

At this point, you may be thinking, how does that even make any sense? And this is a completely understandable question!

So, how is your website potentially just an island in the ocean?

Here’s the simple answer: If people can’t find your website, or if they can’t find your business when they are searching for the products or services that you offer, you’re potentially missing out on easy opportunities solely because of the fact that these potential customers can’t find your business.

To put this into perspective, think about the ocean as being the internet, and your website as being an island.

An ocean can span across thousands and thousands of miles in the same way that the internet can reach millions and millions of people.

If your website is the island, how do you expect people to find your business? Local search!

Local search provides the bridges and the channels that help drive more traffic to your website. It’s the piece that helps get more people to find your island (otherwise known as your website).  

With the ever-changing digital world that continues to transform each and every day, it’s important to make sure that your business isn’t getting trapped in the middle of the ocean without your prospects, customers or clients being able to find you.

Local search is what gives businesses that local presence online.

In simpler terms, think of it as the foundation of your business’s exposure online. It helps your business get found in the local map pack section of Google after someone searches something that your business may offer.

Final Thoughts

When your business is optimized on a local level, this gives you the opportunity to show up and stand out from the competition in your area.

Keep in mind that local search isn’t a “one and done” digital marketing strategy. Having an ongoing strategy is vital to keep your business showing up in relevant searches and your “island” afloat.

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