This Is Why Your Cleaning Business Needs Reviews

When it comes to your cleaning business, reviews are an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Here's what you should now about review marketing.

This Is Why Your Cleaning Business Needs Reviews

Whether someone is hiring a cleaning service for residential needs, or for commercial purposes, cleaning services are always in demand.

Because of this, the cleaning service industry has a lot of competition, making it hard for small, local businesses to gain traction and get hired! One of the keys to success in this industry and overcoming the intense competition is by improving review marketing and exposure.

In this blog, we will give you a run-down of the reasons why your cleaning service business should focus on review marketing to be seen and hired more than ever before!

Building and Maintaining Your Reputation

The credibility that is built through gaining positive reviews is nearly unmatched in any other area of digital marketing.

In fact, 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means that the reviews people read online from internet users are as credible as getting a recommendation from a trustworthy person who is close to them.

Clearly, online reviews have the power to build a brand’s reputation with this level of credibility, so use it to your advantage by building your review footprint online.

By thanking customers who take the time to review your business, you are able to build credibility with the reviewer as well as other potential customers and reviewers by displaying your appreciation for their contribution to your cleaning business.

This provides an incentive for more customers to purchase your services and leave reviews. By focusing on building and maintaining your reputation, you can grow your online reviews and credibility with other potential customers.

Photo Sharing

Another benefit of online reviews, especially for cleaning services, is the ability for reviewers to include photos of your job well done.

When users share photos of the final result of a cleaning service, potential customers then have the ability to know what they are buying into and what the likely outcome of their purchase will be.

This photo-sharing is obviously only beneficial when a cleaning service is done well and to a customer’s expectations. Here lies yet another reason to focus on the quality of your services, so reviews then reflect that quality both through the customer’s written word and photo evidence.

Grow Credibility With Google and Local Search

When a business has a large amount of positive online reviews, it is expected to display at the top of the local pack rankings in Google's local search results.

So, if I am searching for “cleaning services near me,” although there are a lot of factors that play into which businesses will show in these top local pack results, we can assume that one of the reasons is because they have good reviews and a lot of them!

But why is this the case?

One of the ways that Google can build trust with a business is when the business has a lot of online reviews. When this trust is established, Google then has the comfort it needs to rank that business higher in local search results because of their established reputation via online reviews.

Again, this is a reason to grow your review index and make sure your reviews remain positive amongst users because the reputational benefit extends to Google and local search rankings.

Learning and Improving Products and Services

This tip, although obvious, is easy to overlook.

Beyond all of the SEO benefits and reputation management advantages, online reviews for your cleaning services can give insight into what customers are truly looking for from your business.

Online reviews allow customers to explain if they were happy with certain aspects of the service and unhappy with others. Here is a learning opportunity for your business to identify the commonalities in these reviews and make the appropriate improvements.

No business is perfect, no matter how happy their customers may be. Take these reviews as a new chance to look into what can be perfected in your cleaning services to better meet the needs of your current and future customers.

Final Thoughts

Keep your cleaning services business spick-and-span by embracing review marketing opportunities and all the benefits that come with it!

No longer will you be lost in a sea of cleaning service businesses for customers to swim through. When you focus on reputation management, photo sharing, local pack results and product and service improvements, the customer’s choice will be easy!

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