This Is Why Your Damage Restoration Business Needs Paid Ads

Disasters never take a break, and your damage restoration business must be the first business prospects see when they need help. Learn two ways that paid ads can boost your business to the top of local search results and get you more leads!

This Is Why Your Damage Restoration Business Needs Paid Ads

If there’s one thing that we know about the damage restoration industry, it’s that disasters never take a break. Catastrophes such as storm damage and fire damage can happen at any moment, and those who are affected don’t have much time to waste to fix their property.

When a potential client needs a damage restoration business like yours, they’ll immediately turn to their phone and search the Internet. And, since they’re in a hurry, they won’t spend a lot of time researching; they’ll just choose the first reputable business they see.

In other words, if you’re not one of the first businesses they find in their area on Google, you stand to lose many potential clients to your competition.

That is why you must invest in paid ads to make sure your business is at the top of your prospects’ searches to drive more leads and stand out from your competitors.

Here are two ways that paid ads can help your damage restoration business:

1. Paid advertising can target a specific audience.

Damage restoration services span across multiple areas: fire damage, water damage, flood damage, tornadoes, mold remediation, and hurricane damage to name a few.

But, what if your business doesn't cover mold remediation? Or, what if you only specialize in fire damage? Anyone who finds your business online will surely move along to your competition if you don't offer the service they need.

Paid ads are valuable to businesses because they're created with the intention to reach a certain prospect. By using paid ads, you'll show up more easily in search results when a prospect searches for services that you offer in their area.

For example, suppose a prospect needs biohazard cleanup and they turn to Google to search for "biohazard cleanup in (their area)". If your business specializes in biohazard cleanup, paid ads promoting that service will help put you at the top of their search results (if you're in their area). 

2. Paid advertising can expand your damage restoration business's reach.

Did you know that 46 percent of people can't identify paid ads in search results and 41 percent of website clicks in search results go to the top three paid ads?

The most relevant results to anyone's search will show up on the first page of Google, so very few people will go out of their way to search beyond those first results. Because of this, many businesses choose to run paid ads to show up at the top of their prospects search results.

With these statistics in mind, if you run paid ads, your prospects are likely to click on your ads and these can generate more leads for your business. 

Final Thoughts

As the world continues to move toward a digital-only culture, your damage restoration business must have a solid digital marketing plan to meet the demand of the digital consumer and get new leads.

And, while using local search strategies can help your business show up in more search results, paid ads are the extra boost you need to put you in front of the right clients at the right time.

Ready to get started? Check out these additional resources to learn more about paid ads, or see what our paid advertising services can do for you!

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