What Is Neuromarketing?

What do psychology and digital marketing have in common? Neuromarketing! Learn all about how this strategy can impact your social media, paid advertising and more.

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Small business owners, here’s a new term to add to your marketing repertoire! As you probably already guessed, it's called neuromarketing!

While it may sound intuitive, we have some insights about this science-based marketing approach for you to keep in mind and to help you determine if it could benefit your business.

Let’s walk through everything you need to know.

What is Neuromarketing?

To put it simply, neuromarketing is an area of study that focuses on gathering evidence from studies, experiments, scientific knowledge, etc. to determine how consumers' brains are likely to react to different marketing tactics.

Here’s an even simpler way to look at it! Neuromarketing is used to strategize business marketing around predicting and understanding buyer behavior.

Now that you have a baseline for understanding this marketing tactic, let’s put it into a real-world example.

Think about it like this!

Neuromarketing can be used in something as simple as a post on social media. If it hits an emotional touchpoint for the viewer, then it’s doing its job! For instance, some veterinary clinics will share a heartwarming success story about one of their patients to appeal and relate to people on an emotional level.

As you move forward and consider using neuromarketing, keep these tips from Neil Patel in mind:

  1. Affect as many senses as possible.
  2. Target emotional responses.
  3. Focus more on relieving pain rather than emphasizing pleasure.

As you can tell from these points, the example that we presented meets the need to target emotional responses.

But let’s not stop here, there’s more neuromarketing information that you should keep in mind.

How & Where to Use Neuromarketing

Now that you have a grasp on the what of neuromarketing, it’s time to move on to the where and how.

Try updating your website

Your website houses endless information about your business. Why not make it affect as many website visitors’ senses as possible? Don’t leave your website cluttered with endless written content. Include images to appeal to visitors visually and add videos to catch their ear. Now, you no longer have a stagnant, disinteresting website but rather, one that can catch a visitor’s attention in more ways than one!

Post on social media

Although we touched on this earlier, social media is a great way to capture attention on an emotional level. Your emotional appeal is dependent on your clientele and followers, so make sure you have a strong gauge of the posts and content that will appeal to their emotions.

Run advertisements

Consumers who are searching for businesses in your industry probably experience common pain points. Whether they’re struggling to find an affordable wedding dress or have had a painful dental incident, advertise to relieve those issues! By putting thought into consumers’ pain points, advertising campaigns will have the potential to turn them into customers!

Now, these different avenues are not exclusive to the specific tips that we highlighted. You can target emotional responses, affect senses and address pain points through advertisements, your website, social media and so much more. The options are endless!

Final Thoughts

So, is your local business actively practicing these neuromarketing approaches?

If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to appeal to consumers in a way you've never done before!

New terms and buzzwords are always popping up in the digital marketing world, especially in this new year so make sure to head over to our blog to read up on some of the latest.

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