What Is SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization marketing continues to be the bedrock of effective digital marketing. Understanding SEO and how to implement it is vital for your business’s growth! Read on to learn more.

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What is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is a set of digital strategies that help websites get served in search results for relevant queries.  

Whenever a user types a query into a search engine, the search engine uses algorithms to find and serve online content that best fits the query. Understanding what the algorithms and search engine crawlers look for in online content is key to creating effective digital marketing strategies and getting your business or content found and chosen online!

If your business’s site isn’t optimized for what the search engine algorithms deem credible and servable, you risk your business being passed over by the algorithms for another business that has optimized and easy-to-find online content.

The Difference Between Organic SEO and Paid Search

Organic SEO is the set of optimizations that you can implement on your business’s website that make search engines more likely to serve your content in search results for relevant search queries.

These organic optimizations are “free” in the sense that you’re not paying the search engine to place your business’s website higher in search results in an ad form. They are tried and true strategies that algorithms always look for when crawling sites for credible content.

Paid Search involves paying search engines to serve your content higher in relevant search results in the form of a search ad.

It’s important to note that if you invest solely in paid search strategies, but neglect organic SEO strategies, you’re not setting yourself up for success like you may think. Both are critical in ensuring that your business shows up for customers who are searching.  

The Basics of SEO

Some of the basic organic SEO practices are:

  • Regularly publishing quality content
  • Using trending and high search volume keywords in headings and in content
  • Backlinking
  • Optimizing certain backend HTML elements
  • Ensuring your business’s website is safe and secure
  • Having a mobile-friendly website
  • Making sure your site has a fast loading speed
  • Keeping your business’s search engine profiles (ie Google Business Profile) is updated

Using these organic SEO strategies in your business’s website content and overall structure is foundational for your digital marketing efforts and success!

To learn more about optimizing your business’s website, read our blog How to Improve My SEO? and check out our Organic SEO resources!

Final thoughts… 

Equipping yourself to optimize your business’s online content or hiring a digital marketing agency is a vital investment in your business’s success and growth! SEO can be the first touchpoint connecting customers to your business, so it’s worth the investment!

To learn more about what it’s like to have RevLocal handle your business’s digital marketing, contact us or browse our resources to learn more. 

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