What Small Business Values Appeal to Customers?

Don't let your business fall behind! With so many changes coming to the business world, what customers value and look for from companies has changed as well. Here's how to give the modern customer exactly what they want!

What Small Business Values Appeal to Customers?

As generations age and desires change, businesses should as well!

In this blog, we're breaking down the changing desires of customers in the modern age and the best ways for your business to appeal to these needs.

Let's get started!

1. Harness the Power of a Social Media Connection

It's easy to argue that many of the shifts in customer desires around businesses can be attributed to the onset of social media, which also means more access to your business because of it. 

Of the millions of people browsing social media, 54 percent of them use social platforms to research products and services.

90 percent of marketers even acknowledge social media’s influence saying that it has increased the exposure of their business.

You’re building and reaching a community on social media that you would not have otherwise, so make sure you give them the accessibility and information that they want through social platforms.

And if you need help, check out the social media services that RevLocal can offer your business!

2. Treat Your Customers as Individuals!

While convenience and quick service are still valuable, creating an individualized experience has taken precedence.

Whether a company is achieving this through personalized customer service or actively engaging on social media, recognizing a customer’s individual needs and value to a business is priceless.

In fact, 70 percent of consumers are likely to be loyal to a company if they have been made to feel like an individual rather than a number.

Small business owners, this is especially true for you! Recently surveyed customers addressed their expectations for small businesses to be engaging and friendly.

With expectations of individualized and responsive service being much higher than that of large companies, don’t disappoint your customers by failing to provide this service!

3. It’s About Quality and Conscientiousness

Don’t forget that being a conscious and value-driven business has a massive effect on how clients in the modern age view your company.

With a vast network of information, customers are more in tune with the companies, products and services they buy into now more than ever.

52 percent of all U.S. adults online consider company values when making a purchase and this number only increases as we reach Millennials and Gen Z.

This does not mean making any extreme measures, however. It’s simply about being aware.

Show your customers that you are conscious and thoughtful about the business decisions you make and the values you hold. Whether that is having extensive knowledge to answer any and all questions or investing more in quality items or services, you will be on the right track to appealing to this desire!

4. Care About Your Reviews; Consumers Do

Do you take time to look at your reviews? Do you respond to them? If not, you may be hurting your business more than you realize!

When customers are making the decision to purchase a product, they are 50 percent more likely to buy something based on online reviews over a personal recommendation by friends or family.

Clearly, reviews have a strong influence on customer decision-making and this extends to replying to reviews as well.

Giving customers a timely and helpful response influences loyalty to a business by 80 percent. This responsiveness plays into the earlier topics of having a social media presence and providing individualized service. You’re, so to speak, killing two birds with one stone.

Looking for more information on customer reviews? This blog breaks down all the important details behind the effects reviews have on local businesses.

Final Thoughts

As we understand the accessibility that has come from social media and the internet, we can recognize how drastically customer values have changed in recent years.

Remember to keep these tips in mind to appeal to customers and stay ahead of the crowd!

Taking on these growing expectations from consumers may seem overwhelming, but here at RevLocal, we’re here to help! Click here to learn more about what we can offer your small business.

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