What You Should Know About RevLocal’s Paid Advertising Strategies

Paid advertising is constantly changing. What does that mean for RevLocal's paid advertising strategies? Our blog has all the need-to-know info!

Paid Advertising

The world of paid advertising is constantly evolving!

At RevLocal, our paid advertising strategies align with your business goals and expectations. Our team uses industry best practices to help you get the results that are best for your business.

So, what do our paid advertising strategies offer? I’m glad you asked!

Our paid advertising strategies are designed to align with your business goals; you can focus on gaining awareness, generating leads or bundling the two strategies.

Before we talk about the different strategies, I first want to discuss the benefits that they both offer:

  • Cross-Platform Distribution – Our team will be able to help you reach more consumers and build brand awareness across multiple platforms.
  • Real-Time Analytics – We’re here to help improve your advertising strategy based on data-driven campaigns and industry best practices for your paid advertising strategy. 
  • Instant Exposure – Your ads will be seen by potential local customers throughout their customer journey.

Now, let’s talk about how they’re different!

Understanding RevLocal’s Brand Expander Ads

The first strategy is known as Brand Expander. With this paid advertising strategy, your ads will be focused on creating demand for your business’s product or service.

The very first step in the marketing funnel is awareness, and our Brand Expander ads will help lead consumers to your business.

With this strategy, our team of experts will create ads that drive brand awareness for your business so you can stand out from your competition. Each month, you will receive a set number of guaranteed impressions for your business. To sum it up, the impressions show how much awareness you are getting for your business.

Here's what the Brand Expander strategy will utilize:

  • Banner ads on Google Display Network and/or Facebook/Instagram Newsfeeds
  • Geofencing (location targeting) to target people based on their location at the right place and the right time
  • Retargeting to get customers back into the marketing funnel
Example of Banner Ads

To help you understand how the Brand Expander strategy will work, check out these examples:

  • This paid advertising option is great for restaurants that want to drive awareness for their happy hour specials.
  • Do you own a car dealershipCross-platform ads are something you should consider! Car dealerships are in a competitive industry, so it’s best to have ads across multiple platforms. We suggest a Brand Expander campaign to increase brand awareness as well as a Targeted Ads campaign with both Google and Facebook (keep reading to learn more about targeted ads). 

Understanding RevLocal’s Targeted Ads

The second strategy is known as Targeted Ads. This plan is used to meet demand when people are searching OR target relevant audiences on social networks. 

With this strategy, the goal is to generate leads by reaching people with the intent to buy your product or service. Our team of certified experts will create ads that are optimized for devices, locations and industry best practices. 

Looking for leads? This strategy was created with leads in mind! Your business needs will always be top of mind when we create your ads so we can help you gain more leads.

At RevLocal, we understand having a limited budget, which is why our team will use your budget effectively by understanding what keywords work best as well as what strategies work best for your industry. We’ll also be able to maximize your budget so you can get more clicks at a lower cost to you (sounds like a good deal to me!).

Let's take a look at some examples of the Targeted Ads strategy in action:

  • Generate more leads for your gym by using Targeted Ads on Facebook and Instagram. Audience targeting is used to reach audiences who are likely to be interested in gym memberships or free trials with compelling Social Ads.
  • Imagine a chiropractic business wanting to bring in new patients. We know there is demand on Google Search for people searching for a chiropractor. Using a Targeted Ads strategy will meet the demand of people searching for a chiropractor by putting your ads at the top of Google for top-performing chiropractor keywords.
Example of Google Search Ads

The Power of Bundling Your Paid Advertising Strategies

To have a comprehensive paid advertising strategy, we suggest bundling the Brand Expander and Targeted Ads plans together!

When you bundle our offerings, it will help leverage your business's brand awareness as well as capturing audiences at all stages in the customer journey. 

You can achieve the highest ROI through paid advertising by reaching people at all stages in the buying cycle starting with brand awareness (Brand Expander), then meeting demand (Targeted Ads) and then guiding them through the decision-making process. 

Both strategies we offer at RevLocal can be used for clients of all types, but every business is different! Your marketing strategist and our paid advertising team will help you create a specific strategy that’s best for your business.

The Importance of Paid Advertising for Your Business

As I mentioned earlier, paid advertising is constantly evolving. To better serve our clients (AKA you), we want to set better expectations of what our paid advertising strategies will bring your business.

Our team follows best practices to help your business achieve certain goals, and because paid advertising is competitive, we put 100 percent effort toward finding your business success!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how our paid advertising strategies can help your business, request a demo with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants today!

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