Why Does My Restaurant Need to Use QR Code Menus?

More restaurants started to utilize QR code menus when COVID-19 disrupted the industry. Why should your business use QR codes? Find out in our blog!

Why Does My Restaurant Need to Use QR Code Menus?

Are physical menus a thing of the past?

Menus are the main attention grabbers for hungry customers and are typically the best way to communicate with customers before they make a decision to visit your restaurant.

Can traditional menus stand the test of time? Or is the world transitioning into a new wave of communicating delicious menu items?

With the spread of COVID-19, cleanliness is an important part of maintaining a safe and functioning business. Cleaning menus after each use is a timely and meticulous process.

Another popular option for businesses is using paper menus and disposing of them after a single-use. Paper menus are a huge cost for businesses and an even bigger cost for the environment.

So, what is the solution? QR code menus!

Understanding QR Code Menus

QR code menus are the newest wave of menus that are user friendly and require no contact or environmental impact.

All you need is a phone with a camera and internet access, and you’re set!

It seems more daunting to create a QR code than it really is. With an online presence already built, there are several websites that will allow you to create a free QR code.

All that’s needed is a link to your online menu and the website generates the code for you to use.

These QR code menus can be placed on every table at your restaurant under lamination or to make it more visually appealing, you can add a printout of the QR code into a picture frame at the table — there are several ways to showcase this simple and accessible menu!

Not only do QR code menus minimize contact between parties dining at the restaurant and eliminate the need to clean each physical menu, but it also drives traffic to your website and increases awareness for your business online!

Whether you already have an online menu or are getting ready to add one to your website, here are some tips for optimizing your online menu:

1. Use Fonts That Are Easy to Read

Font size is important for a mobile-friendly menu so that consumers can easily see the items available at your restaurant. Look for a way to balance aesthetics and functionality.

2. Don’t Use PDF Documents - They Are Not Your Friend

PDF files are typically not mobile friendly and are difficult to read.

They require zooming in on the document and are usually in fonts that are too small to easily see on your smartphone.

Consider using a well-constructed menu that doesn’t require zooming or squinting to read.

3. Show Descriptions of Menu Items

Without a multiple page, detailed menu, it’s important to still provide customers with descriptions of the menu items just like traditional menus would.

The menu item descriptions also reduce the need for additional communication between servers and customers.

4. Include Prices for Each Item

Prices are always an important factor in a consumer’s decision-making process for a dish. Be sure to include menu item prices to communicate with customers and show value.

Helping Customers With QR Codes

With this new wave of using QR code menus, many customers may not be familiar with how to use to code or how to access the online menu.

Be sure to share information with customers as they are seated and include a sentence or two on the QR code printout instructing consumers on how to navigate to the menu using their smartphone.

Keep in mind that not all smartphones are able to use the QR code functionality. In this case, have a backup plan, such as laminated menus you can clean or paper menus.

Final Thoughts

To create a safe environment for diners, many restaurants are shifting to the use of QR codes to access menus online.

While QR codes aren’t a new concept, it can be a little confusing to both business owners and customers if you aren’t sure where to begin.

At the end of the day, though, QR Code menus are here to stay!  

As a RevLocal client, you can reach out to your strategist for help on generating a free QR code for your restaurant.

Our team can incorporate QR codes into your ongoing strategy to drive traffic to your site and make sure that customers have a mobile-friendly, contactless menu to reference as they dine in.

If you aren’t a RevLocal client and need assistance with your restaurant’s marketing, please request a demo and we’d be happy to discuss the best strategy for your business.

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