Why Innovation Is Important for Technology

Digital marketing is a huge industry right now. In this blog, we share our four-step process that helps keep our technology and team members innovative!

Why Innovation Is Important for Technology

Digital marketing and sales are moving faster than any other area of business!

The team at RevLocal is working hard to innovate in meaningful ways for our employees and customers while ensuring that we don't stray away from our culture and strategy. 

We thought we would share the four-step process we are using to make sure that RevLocal's technology and team members are innovative. 

1. Understanding and Communicating the Values

At RevLocal, we have a strong culture due in part to a significant emphasis on our values: Be Real, Go Beyond and Help Someone. Our RevTech team has taken these values and spent time discussing and documenting what they mean to us.

What activities and actions will we see as a team and what results should we expect if we live up to our values?

But wait, what is RevTech, you ask? It is our team of IT, IS and Innovation leaders who coordinate and manage the technological needs of RevLocal and our clients.

As important as the who (our people and our values) is the why. Our why is our people and our customers. Serving the families of this nation and helping them prosper through digital marketing innovation is what motivates the RevTech team.

We as a team have even made a promise to which, we hold each other accountable: We will amplify our core values by serving our people and our customers with technical solutions. 

2. Set the Vision

Part of leading the organization is setting and communicating the path ahead. Sometimes that is emotional, sometimes it is tactical — and in the best-case scenario, it is both.

Our RevTech team is casting a ten-year vision!

We are working with an outside group of technical leaders in our space (Technical Advisory Committee) to help craft a compelling, strategic vision that helps our team and our company move into the future.

This is not something that we are doing hastily. Instead, we are fleshing it out within the team, within the company and with our partners and customers.

This is an area where we believe moving with patience and persistence will lead to an agile well-oiled machine.

3. Execute the Vision

Having all of the right plans and being grounded in the future doesn’t mean a thing unless we do something about it!

For us, this means recruiting and retaining a great team, organizing them for success and then implementing a management operating system to create accountable, strategic, forward momentum.

What does that mean? For us, it looks like quarterly goals that are tied to our vision and weekly meetings to drive the quarterly goals.

For us as an innovation center, we also like to measure failure and ensure it's happening. Sound crazy? Good!

We embrace the crazy. If you can guide your team in taking the right types of risks while protecting the overall organization from institutional risk (hint: one of the key reasons for a board), you have achieved a balance that eludes 99 percent of today’s companies.

4. Learn, Communicate and Repeat

You've done it! Well, not quite. Great organizations never rest on their achievements. They are never satisfied with a single win.

It's important to learn from your wins and your losses — then get better.

The best teams in the world critically break down their biggest wins and find faults so that they can be corrected.

Some examples of this include the U.S. Women's World Cup run to the New England Patriots Super Bowl win.

Find a team that repeats success frequently and you will find that they are “overly” critical of themselves and have the humility to learn from the past.

Final Thoughts

Change with digital marketing and technology is inevitable, which is why our team is focused on being innovative for not only our company but for our clients and employees, too! 

We hope you can learn from our experiences. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Our RevTech team is growing! If you or anyone you know would like to join, check out our current job openings.

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