Why Is Team Building Important for Small Businesses?

Just as you invest your time and money into your digital marketing efforts, it’s vital to invest in another important aspect of your small business — your team! Learn why team building is so important to your small business.


Just as you invest your time and money into your digital marketing efforts, it’s vital to invest in another important aspect of your small business — your team! Team building can seem cheesy if you don’t go about it in the right way, but it can be extremely beneficial for your employees and to you!

Not only can team building help your employees get to know each other better, but it can teach you about their strengths and weaknesses as professionals. Who wouldn’t want to help their employees grow into their career?

So, what team building activities should you consider for your small business employees? We have a few suggestions that your business can try!

The Best Team Building Activities

Before you dive in and start coming up with ideas, take a moment to think about your team as a whole. Have you noticed any reoccurring issues within your team? Is there anything that can be improved?

Your team building activity should help your employees grow individually and as a team, so the activity you choose is an important first step.

Remember, these activities don’t have to cost a lot of money! There are many simple activities that your team can do without spending a cent.

Also, keep in mind that although your team is working during your team building activity, it should be fun! Forcing the corporate stuff during your activity leaves your employees with a less powerful takeaway. The main goal is to spend time together and find a common goal that you can reach as a team.

Ready for some activities?

Three Truths and a Lie

This is a simple team building activity that can help everyone learn more about each other.

Each person will receive a piece of paper. On the paper, the person will write three truths and one lie about themselves. Remember to keep answers professional and believable!

Once everyone has their list, each member will read their truths and lies out loud in random order. The other team members will try to guess which one is a lie and why!

Pretty easy and fun to use as an ice-breaker!

Escape Room

If you haven’t gone to an escape room yet, then you’re definitely missing out! If you haven’t heard of or been to an escape room, essentially, it’s a room full of clues to help your team escape before time is up.

As escape rooms are rising in popularity, many companies (of all sizes) are using them for team building activities!

With the many clues and puzzles within the room, your team will need to work together and use their problem-solving skills to find their way out.

Even if your team isn’t able to escape from the room, the takeaway will be that they worked together and used their strengths.

Tip: It is extremely helpful if at least one member of your team has gone through an escape room before. It can be a little overwhelming for any newbies as they’re unsure where to start (at least from my personal experience).

Community Service

If your team typically works well together, perhaps team bonding is a little more up your alley. And community service is a great way for your team to get to know each other more!

Whether you’re volunteering at your local food shelter or animal shelter, organizing a park clean-up or helping at a non-profit business, this allows your team to bond outside of the office, strengthening their relationships.

Not only will this benefit your team, but your community, too! As a reward for their work, take them out to dinner or for ice cream. You could even have some small team building games that you can do while you’re eating.

Take a Personality Quiz

If you’re not spending an entire day doing team building and just need something quick, taking a personality quiz is a great option!

16Personalities is free and gives you some pretty accurate results throughout several categories. Taking this quick personality quiz allows you to learn more about each person’s career paths, workplace habits, strengths and weaknesses and many more categories!

The results can be a learning tool as it can tell you some of the best ways to communicate with each team member.

For example, I have an ESFJ personality. In a workplace setting, I am a team player who loves to give a helping hand, but I am a little sensitive when it comes to criticism. If my results were presented in a team building activity, we could discuss ways I could handle the criticism and the best way for others to present criticism to me.

Not only are you building your team, but you’re growing more as an individual.

Take the quiz and make sure to share your results down in the comment section!

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your employees groan at the thought of team building activities.

As a small business, your employees are a huge part of your success. Invest in them now and they will continue to help your business grow!

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