Why Your Brand Should Have Facebook Location Pages

As a franchise or multi-location brand, it's essential that you have Facebook location pages set up! Check out our blog to learn why.

Brand Facebook Location Pages

Are you using a localized approach when it comes to marketing your multi-location brand on Facebook? If not, this blog is here to explain why you should have Facebook location pages for your brand.

But first, what are Facebook location pages and how do they work?

When you have Facebook location pages, you are able to connect and manage all of your locations in one spot.

Let’s look at RevLocal’s Facebook pages, for example.

RevLocal’s corporate page is the overarching page for all the locations. This page does not have an address attached to it because it is not a localized page.

However, when you click “Stores” in the left-hand menu pictured above, you’ll then be able to see all of RevLocal’s Facebook location pages.

Keep in mind that RevLocal’s location pages are based on a service area as most locations do not have a physical storefront. As a multi-location brand, you have the option to use a service area or an address based on your business setup and services.

Facebook users can either search for a location near them or they can zoom into different areas on the map to view the different locations.

Once a user clicks on a location, it will take you to the Facebook location page for that city.

On the location page pictured above, you’ll notice it’s very similar to RevLocal’s corporate page (of course, you want your branding to be consistent), but it has a local focus.

The name of the Facebook page includes the location, and the cover photo was created to reflect some of the well-known buildings in Granville, Ohio. These elements indicate it’s a localized page.

When a user visits any of RevLocal’s Facebook location pages, they’ll be able to make a connection because it has a local focus. The same will happen when your brand utilizes Facebook location pages.

Now that you understand how the corporate and location pages are connected, let’s get back to the real reason you’re here.

Using More Than Localized Content

If your brand utilizes location pages correctly, you’ll have the option to include posts from the main corporate page as well as create localized content.

To turn on posting from the corporate page, click on Settings > Locations.

The image below is what will appear after clicking on the Locations button. Once you’re on this page, you’ll want to make sure the first box is check marked, and then click Save.

Although this option isn’t required for Facebook location pages, we highly recommend utilizing this feature. The corporate page will be providing you with branded information and content, while you can focus on a localized posting strategy.

Why Should Your Brand Have Facebook Location Pages?

Having Facebook location pages allows multi-location brands, franchise systems, emerging brands and more the opportunity to create localized content for their followers.

Think about it from a consumer standpoint. If a brand you followed had multiple locations but only one Facebook page, it’s likely the content would not be customized to your area. With this, you’ll feel less of a connection.

As a brand location that focuses on localized content, you’ll be able to take advantage of new marketing opportunities. Seasonality, proximity, current events and community partners are some examples of content to market on your page.

With Facebook location pages, you also have the option of how involved with the community you want to be!

But, as you start posting localized content and building a connection with your Facebook followers, your page will become more relevant and will continue to grow within your community.

Plus, having a Facebook location page for your brand location helps improve your SEO! Consumers will likely check a business’s website and social media channels before choosing a business, so it’s important that you show up when they’re searching online.

If a consumer sees you’re posting content relevant to them and the area, it’s likely they will follow your page and choose your business compared to a business that doesn’t tailor their content to their audience.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Facebook location pages may seem like a lot to manage if you have multiple stores, but Facebook provides you with the tools to be successful.

Not only will you be able to have all your pages connected through one corporate page, but you’ll have the opportunity to create location-specific content that’s relevant to your page followers.

Setting up your location pages isn’t difficult, either! Check out our blog for helpful tips and steps on adding location pages to your corporate page.

If you need help creating content for your locations, our social media plan is the perfect option! Each location can have its own location-specific focus while the corporate page handles posting branded content that is distributed to the location pages.

Learn more about what our social media plan offers, or request a demo with a consultant near you to get started!

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