Google’s Continuous Scroll Update

An update that Google made to their mobile search experience is coming to desktop! Read on to learn more.

Google's Continuous scroll feature

Google is combining the first six pages of search results into one continuous page. Once the user reaches the bottom of the initial search results, they will find a “more results” button if they want to continue their search.  

For users, this expanded first page of search results means that more quality and relevant information will be available in fewer clicks. The continuous scroll means quicker search result navigation and a better chance at finding the best information more easily.

For businesses, content, products and services will have a much better chance at making it onto the first page of the continuous search results. If your business has consistently shown up on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google’s search results, it will now be looped into the “first page” of continuous results.

This is great news for businesses because it means more exposure and the potential for an increased click through rate. However, now that the first page has expanded, competition has also risen. It’s more important than ever for businesses to focus their local search digital marketing efforts on improving their search result ranking. With more options available with an easy and convenient scroll, users may increase their research time and become more selective with the businesses that they choose.  

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