Promotions and Anniversaries at RevLocal - January 2020

It's time to celebrate this month's anniversaries and promotions! Find out who made the list for January.

Neal Resnik Five Year Work Anniversary

As we kick off 2020, we're excited to share our latest employee promotions and anniversaries for January! 

Here's who received a promotion this month:

Consultant Promotions

  • Chris Jacobson - Sales Area Leader
  • Ryan Cappolino - Sales Area Leader

Strategist Promotions

  • Josh Webb - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • David VanBlaircom - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Dylan Weaver - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

We can't forget about our anniversaries! Congratulations to the following employees for their hard work and dedication to RevLocal:

7 Year Anniversary

  • Ana Maria Lehner, John Downer, Tracy Moore, Lara Seamon, Kelly Wick, Dominic Boull't and Lisa Roos

6 Year Anniversary

  • Sara Hill

5 Year Anniversary

  • Neal Resnik

4 Year Anniversary

  • Matt Toskin and Wendy Stanich

3 Year Anniversary

  • Nicole Roser, Alan Reed, Lauren Snyder, Jason Grady, Megan Hyde, Adam Porter and Ryan Cappolino

2 Year Anniversary

  • Sierra Hess, Larry Carey, Daley Herzberg, Addie Johnson, Simon Magabe, Monica Staley, Rich Harrison, Glenn Jordan, Ken Scott and Doris Ford

1 Year Anniversary

  • Sam Moore, Amy Erhard, Nick Hawk, Jeff Holmes, Jennifer Malone, Tina Yeager, Sindy Tirado, Cory York, JP MacDonell, Lidia Mejia and Paul Palomino

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