Promotions and Anniversaries at RevLocal - November 2019

Read about November's promotions and anniversaries at RevLocal!

Promotions and anniversaries at RevLocal - November 2019

Check out our employees who received a promotion this month! 

Strategist Promotions

  • Sabrina Morrison - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Jeff Snow - Lead Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Alisha Ferguson - Digital Marketing Strategist

Congratulations to the following employees who have reached their anniversary milestones this month: 

19 Year Anniversary

  • Ruben Clark

16 Year Anniversary

  • Tracy Wills

7 Year Anniversary

  • Brian Seiter

6 Year Anniversary 

  • Katie Johnson

3 Year Anniversary

  • Susan Malo, Signe Martin, Bailie Hamilton, Sarah Joseph and Sabrina Morrison

2 Year Anniversary

  • Garrett Colburn, Heath Gibson, Andrea Moore, Sarah Dole, Melissa Hottinger, Nelda Woolverton, Michael Sheely, Jeff Snow and Sasha Wollenburg

1 Year Anniversary

  • Alexis Anderson-Santos, Leah Allen, Agnes Castro, Jessica Cohen, Jaron Ferguson, Kyle O'Dea, Sydney Reyes, Michael Williams and Matthew Dunson

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