Promotions and Anniversaries at RevLocal - October 2019

It's time to announce our October promotions and anniversaries! Find out who made the list.

RevLocal's October 2019 promotions and anniversaries

It's time to celebrate our October promotions and anniversaries! 

Congratulations to the following employees who received a promotion this October: 

Manager Promotions

  • Megan Hyde - Brand Relationship Manager
  • Pablo Briones - Senior Manager of Bilingual Client Services
  • Morgan Difatta - Senior Manager of Retail Services
  • Sara McCarville - Retail Team Manager
  • Jessie Stafford - Contract Team Manager
  • Amber Young - Marketing Sales Support Manager

Strategist Promotions

  • Kimmy Trujillo - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Noah Durst - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Rob Knighton - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Ross Barber - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Ryan Boggs - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Michelle Sliger - Lead Digital Marketing Strategist

We're celebrating some big anniversary milestones this month! Thank you to all of our employees for your dedication to RevLocal.

22 Year Anniversary

  • Matt Rowe

14 Year Anniversary

  • Aaron Boggs and Saundra Flowers

13 Year Anniversary

  • Linda Rozewicz-Schiffel

6 Year Anniversary

  • Michael Christie, Melissa Lisk and Lois Montgomery

5 Year Anniversary

  • Teresa Hague

4 Year Anniversary

  • Andrea Sanchez

3 Year Anniversary

  • Julia Clements, Leah Fraleigh, Robert Lindley, Jonathan Pernell, Nathen Ray and Leslie Yurocko

2 Year Anniversary

  • Ross Barber, Dustin Barnard, Kyle Fowler, Rob Knighton, Brittany Krause, Andrea Eppley and Pasqualina Wilkins

1 Year Anniversary

  • Amy Ali, Fletcher Bateman, Jamie Heupel, RJ Nicolosi, Victoreya Pool, Stephanie Seybold, Elizabeth Stauffer, Libby Swofford and Clark Wooley

 We'll be back next month to share our promotions and anniversaries! 

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