RevLocal Announced as a 2020 UpCity Excellence Award Winner

RevLocal is an UpCity Excellence Award Winner for the second year in a row! Learn all about this award in our News Article.

Fill in the alt textRevLocal Announced as a 2020 UpCity National Excellence Award Winner

Columbus, OH – January 30, 2020 - RevLocal is thrilled to officially announce that we are one of the top digital marketing service providers in the United States! 

UpCity first presented National Excellence Awards in 2019, and RevLocal was honored to receive a National Excellence Award as well as Local Excellence Awards for our Atlanta, Houston, Denver and San Diego locations last year.

UpCity has now expanded the National Excellence Award program to top service providers located in the United States and Canada for 2020. 

This award celebrates the top 100 service providers as measured by their UpCity Recommendability Rating. UpCity Ratings cannot be purchased, and rely solely on factors that impact how recommendable a service provider is.

Here’s what Dan Olson, UpCity’s CEO, had to say about RevLocal:

Celebrating the new decade with the release of UpCity's Excellence Awards for 2020, it is my honor to congratulate RevLocal who has proven to be one of the most credible businesses in the United States that the UpCity Marketplace features.

You can view all of the award winners by clicking here

RevLocal's President, Aaron Boggs, said, "On behalf of our over 400 passionate RevLocal associates, we are honored to be recognized for the second year as a National Excellence Award Winner at UpCity."

"UpCity has been a market place for local business owners to find and validate our relationship-based digital marketing services. This award celebrates the value our customers feel in working with RevLocal," Boggs continued. 

As an UpCity Diamond Partner, we look forward to continuing our partnership with UpCity throughout 2020.

About RevLocal

RevLocal is a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses and franchise networks optimize their online presence through local search, review marketing, paid advertising, organic SEO, and social media.

By using a personalized approach, RevLocal has your digital marketing handled.  

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