RevLocal Hosts Annual Company Meeting Featuring Guest Speakers and Awards

RevLocal and our employees are Built For This! Get all of the details about this year's company meeting.

RevLocal Hosts Annual Company Meeting Featuring Guest Speakers and Awards

At RevLocal, we value not just hard work but also building workplace culture. And on August 5, 2021, our teams from all across the country came together to celebrate a company culture that uplifts small businesses, produces exceptional employees and is built for change.

Whether our consultants are located in Los Angeles, or right down the street from our home office in Granville, Ohio, our culture translates daily in the work that they do, the teams they interact with and the values that they serve. And Company Meeting brings everyone from Operations to Sales together to highlight those ties that transcend location.

In the words of National Sales Manager Diana Park-Alford, “Remembering why we do what we do, the difference we make for our local businesses and the real value our services have is an incredible culture builder. As the National Sales Manager, it is rewarding to see our people authentically care about each other and take pride in the work they do.  RevLocal is a special place to build a career because of who you work with and for.”

So, here’s how the event went.

The Theme

Each year, our team comes together to select a theme that is representative of the goals and accomplishments of RevLocal. With all of the unforeseen obstacles that we battled in the last 18 months, this year’s theme was I Am Built For This.

I Am Built For This is a representation of the resilience of our team members, as well as our small business clients. Even in the worst of times, through positive thinking and reinvention, our consultants, strategists and more proved that they were built for overcoming unparalleled challenges.

I Am Built For This celebrates the hard work and commitment that each of our team members put into coming out of the pandemic stronger.

The Speakers

This year’s presentations ranged from a look at goals and future capabilities from our Technology Team to a year in reflection by our President, Aaron Boggs, and CEO, Marc Hawk, to an inspiring speech from Product Manager, Mitch Marczewski.

But not only that, we were fortunate enough to have former college football player and inspirational speaker, Inky Johnson, share his story of adversity. He also shared advice in overcoming both work and personal challenges to become stronger, more resilient individuals, and ultimately, a stronger company.

Inky had this to say about his experience, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time with RevLocal. Everything was first class. It was an experience that I’ll never forget. I love what they do and respect even more why they do it.”

In addition to Inky’s contributions, leadership strategy columnist for Forbes and bestselling leadership author Adrian Gostick joined us to discuss the value of company culture and connections in both a speech and a training session.

The Awards

It can’t be an annual RevLocal Company Meeting without recognizing the contributions of our amazing consultants, strategists and more! The following is a list of some 2021 Company Meeting award highlights and our top ten sales markets.

Salesperson of the Year- JT Sampson

Strategist of the Year- Emily Decker

Founder’s Award- Ruben Clark

Regional Sales Manager of the Year- Jonathan Hawk

Special Ops Award- Adam Beutel

Be Real- Melissa Evans

Go Beyond- Tiffany Shane

Help Someone- Emily Bridges

Trailblazer- Shane Spiess

Unsung Hero- IT Team- Ruben Clark, Kali Davis, Sam Moore, James Albert

Top Ten Markets-

  1. Kentucky
  2. Houston
  3. Columbus
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Phoenix
  6. Atlanta
  7. Denver
  8. San Diego
  9. Miami
  10. Cincinnati

Our team is energized. We are energized for growth and innovation. And we're energized to make a difference in the lives of local business owners. Working at RevLocal is not just about the hard work we do, but also the communities that we build. Congratulations to every team member who has helped make RevLocal what it is today.