RevLocal Named in UpCity's '2018 Top Agencies' List

RevLocal, the leader in personalized digital marketing, is excited to announce that it has been awarded a spot in UpCity's '2018 Top Agencies' award list.

RevLocal named in several of UpCity's 'top' lists

Columbus, OH - February 6, 2018 - RevLocal is pleased to announce that it has been named in several of UpCity's 'Top' lists, including 'Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States.'

UpCity is an online marketplace that helps connect businesses with qualified digital marketing agencies and service providers by supplying a directory of trusted companies.

UpCity rated 23 digital marketing agencies in the UpCity network during the first quarter of 2018 based on eighteen different areas of business expertise but focused on those proficient in digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), web design and pay-per-click (PPC).

These winners represent the top one percent of all US digital marketing agencies, a tremendous honor for RevLocal.

"Having a voice for small businesses such as UpCity recognize you as one of the best digital marketing agencies is a great validator for our employees who work so hard to create value for their customers. This means we are doing things that are positively impacting people's lives and businesses," said Aaron Boggs, president of RevLocal.

"We fundamentally believe that the local business needs a real partner they can trust to execute online marketing for them every day. The voice of our customers is telling the story we aspire them to tell about us, that RevLocal is the real relationship and gets real results in digital marketing," Boggs continued.

Dan Olson, CEO and Founder of UpCity had the following to say about RevLocal:

Through their UpCity Ratings, which entail rigorous eligibility and qualification validation in each market, RevLocal has shown its ability to do an outstanding job in serving its local markets' businesses.

Olson also stated, "Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the US economy, and the companies who earned this recognition should be proud of their role in helping these business owners succeed and grow, smartly."

An UpCity Diamond Partner, RevLocal has received many awards for their locations across the US, including 'Top Content Marketing Agencies,' 'Top Local SEO Agencies' and 'Top Social Media Agencies' to name a few.

About RevLocal

RevLocal is a digital marketing agency that specializes in local search marketing, reputation management, paid advertising and social media for local businesses and franchises of all types and sizes.

As the leader in digital marketing, RevLocal makes digital marketing efficient, effective and affordable for all. RevLocal is a Premier Google Partner and was named one of the top 50 best places to work by Inc. Magazine. For more information on the company, visit


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