RevLocal's Annual Company Meeting Featured Speakers from Yext, TEDx & More

Each year, RevLocal hosts a company meeting, coordinated by executive leaders and a committee of individuals. Learn about the meeting theme, speakers and awards in this article.

RevLocal 2018 annual company meeting employee picture

Every year, RevLocal hosts an annual company meeting, coordinated by executive leaders and a committee of individuals who help out with anything from hanging signs to serving food and beverages or even singing with the RevLocal band.

Anyway, company meeting is kind of a big deal around here.

We plan it for months. We get speakers from all over the world, and we maybe hype it on a daily basis while refusing to divulge secrets such as this year’s theme or why the company president keeps ordering kilts.

This year’s company meeting was the biggest and wildest we’ve seen yet! Honestly, I’m still recovering.

But, the event ran smoothly and (though tears were shed) without a hitch. Our speakers did a great job. Our panel of RevLocal employees made us all remember why we’re here. And, the band certainly put on a show.

This year’s theme was Story Wars, focusing on storytelling, why we’re here and what drives us to do better each day. Each speaker touched on these subjects as well as the future of digital marketing, how to tell our clients’ stories and how to use the stories we tell ourselves to our advantage.

The Speakers

We had speakers from YextTEDx and of course RevLocal who all spoke about storytelling—specifically how to tell a story the right way.

We kicked off the night with our Story Wars panel, discussing the stories we tell ourselves, our biggest fears and how we can overcome those fears, using the fear to fuel our drive and hard work.

Motivational speaker and TED Talker Roger Seip gave us a couple of questions to ponder when dealing with those everyday adversities.

Christian Ward of Yext stressed the importance of how you tell your story, saying that the happiness of married couples can be determined in part by how they tell the story of how they met.

The Awards

After the speeches ended and the band played, we closed the night with an awards ceremony.

CEO Marc Hawk and President Aaron Boggs handed out awards to top performers and individuals who best demonstrate RevLocal values on a daily basis, building up their coworkers and coming in every day, giving their work their everything.

At the end of the day, the meeting left us feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of 2018. Thanks, everyone at RevLocal for a great company meeting, for all your hard work and for giving us all a reason to come in and do our best every day.

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