RevLocal Receives Two of UpCity’s 2021 "Best of" Awards

We are honored to be recognized by UpCity as a top digital marketing and advertising agency for businesses nationwide!

RevLocal Receives Two of UpCity’s 2021 "Best of" Awards

RevLocal is honored to receive UpCity’s 2021 “Best of Marketing and Advertising” as well as “Best of Development” awards! 

Both of these prestigious awards mark RevLocal among the topmost credible, reliable, and trustworthy marketing partners for businesses. 

You can view RevLocal’s UpCity profile here

RevLocal is more than a service provider: we’re a trusted partner for small businesses and multi-location brands nationwide. Our partnership with UpCity has consistently brought value to new and existing RevLocal clients. It’s a privilege to showcase these awards and further establish our commitment to excellence in the industry.  

RevLocal’s President, Aaron Boggs, says about these awards,

UpCity has been a valued partner of RevLocal’s for over 7 years now. The authentic validation they provide small businesses looking for the right digital marketing partner promotes RevLocal as the best choice.

RevLocal is honored to be named alongside other excellent marketing agencies that make a difference for their clients each and every day. Together, we uplift our communities and lead the digital marketing industry into new and exciting opportunities. We look forward to what’s ahead for RevLocal and every other award recipient and are thankful for the recognition. 

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