Your August 2019 Digital Marketing News Roundup

We are back with the monthly digital marketing news you need to know for August! Read to learn about the latest changes coming to Google, Twitter and more.

Your August 2019 digital marketing news roundup

The Latest News In Digital Marketing

Wait no longer; we've gathered all of the important digital marketing updates for August.

Keep reading to learn about Pinterest's efforts to grow the retail space, Instagram's new scheduling capabilities and so much more! 

Pinterest grows its visual search capabilities

To expand its presence as a “place of inspiration,” Pinterest is making their platform even more friendly to retailers with their upcoming additions.

These additions to the platform will include a shopping hub feature above pins and a shopping showcase below selected pins which also displays items you have shown interest in.

With the “Picked for You” section on feeds, Pinterest is giving users easier access to items that they have previously shown interest in while searching the platform. It is a small box feature at the top of one’s feed that lists a few different items of interest. For advertisers, they have more opportunities for their products to be found through Pinterest.

The other feature, which displays similar products below the photo of an item, will also expand on these opportunities for users and advertisers.

Pinterest has proven the benefits of the shopping features they are beginning to offer, and a recent survey found that retail brands saw two times higher return on their ads spending on Pinterest than any other social media platform.

Pinterest is starting to embrace the new work of visual search marketing and this is an easy way for retailers and other businesses to make their products even more accessible.

Google updates Images section

The growth and innovation of Pinterest’s new shopping options appear to be a motivation for Google’s newest shopping feature update.

So, what is this update?

It is all happening in the Google Images section of the search engine site with two layout changes.

The first change is updating the way a user views and scrolls through images. The picture they are viewing will show up on the side of the screen while still giving users the option to scroll through and view the other search results.

To focus on the shopping aspect, Google is also adding more extensive information on the image item that a user clicks on. The additional information includes the brand, price, availability and reviews for that product.

While this is not as significant of a change in shopping options as Pinterest, it will still help Google see more return on their image searches and it is also likely to impact the outcome of search results.

Your business should keep this change in mind. This feature requires more information than images did previously, so give Google the information they need to keep you in their good graces!

This makes your business appear more legitimate and reliable to both consumers and Google.

Creator Studio for Instagram

Facebook’s Creator Studio feature now includes Instagram!

This is especially good news for businesses running social media accounts that rely on scheduling their posts.

Creator Studio gives users the capability to plan out their future posts with options to choose the date and time in which the post will go out.

If you have used Creator Studio in the past through Facebook, you should be well acquainted with the process and the abilities of the program.

For those who don’t, however, Creator Studio allows users to not only schedule posts for their business Instagram page, but they also can include all of the content that traditionally would be available through a regular Instagram post. This also includes the option to plan a post with multiple images which previously was not available through other post scheduling programs.

Facebook has a post that breaks down exactly how you can set up this new function to their Creator Studio.

Twitter eliminates outside advertising

Data provider issues have been in discussion since Facebook cut ties with their third-party data program last year and now, Twitter is following suit.

Twitter recently confirmed that they will be ending their partnership with an outside data provider for their advertising insights.

This change will be put into place by early next year and for Twitter, it is a step toward keeping these data insights in their control as well as minimizing the potential for misuse by these analytics companies.

The platform believes that this won’t be an issue for people who are advertising as many are currently working with their own systems for advertising and analytics.

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