Your May 2019 Digital Marketing News Roundup

Don't fall behind on the changes in digital marketing as May comes to a close. Here's what's new!

Your May 2019 digital marketing news roundup

Digital Marketing News You Should Know

Don’t fall behind on the changes in digital marketing as May comes to a close!

Retweeting is becoming more personalized, LinkedIn is keeping users safe and Facebook is tackling issues in their algorithm. Here is your news roundup for May 2019.

Facebook updates its algorithm

To keep users coming back, Facebook has announced new algorithms to combat two major issues the platform has faced.

These algorithm changes are fixing which profiles and posts show at the top of a user’s feed, and they are working to reduce the amount of content which is clickbait, engagement bait or a disruptive ad.

By implementing the first algorithm, Facebook users won’t have to sift through posts they are likely to be less interested in seeing. Instead, Facebook will position posts that are geared to a user’s interests at the top of their feed.

The second algorithm focuses on identifying which content and pages are spam or low-quality content and reducing its likelihood of being displayed on a user’s feed.

So, why are these algorithms important to your business?

Because they are efforts to keep users on Facebook! If your business has a presence on the platform or many engaged users, this will keep them on the platform, giving them a better chance at seeing your posts.

Facebook has a new video ranking system

Facebook is reevaluating how they prioritize video content on the platform by using a new ranking system.

Facebook is rewarding content which has loyal viewers, reasonable watch time and is original in its creation. Here's what the ranking system specifically looks at:

  • Loyalty and intent put more weight on videos that users search for and return to watch
  • Video and viewing duration rewards content that keeps a viewer’s attention for at least a minute and this ranking will increase when the video is at least three minutes long
  • Originality looks at boosting content that is written, edited, etc. by the user who is posting it

These changes increase visibility to video content on Facebook, so make use and be aware of them when creating and posting content for your business!

Check out this blog to see just how relevant video content is on more than just Facebook.

Retweeting is upgrading

Retweeting is no longer limited to words.

Twitter has announced updates to their retweet option which allows users to include pictures, videos or GIFs as a part of their retweet.

This takes reacting to a tweet to a whole new level! It allows the user to express more and it opens followers to more engagement toward your thoughts.

Need help making your profile stand out? Click here to learn how to optimize your business Twitter page.

LinkedIn is improving its safety measures

LinkedIn is focusing more of its efforts on the safety of its users.

The updates to the platform’s safety standards include:

  • The ability to report posts, comments, etc. which promote violent or terroristic behavior
  • Online safety tips and how to identify abusive behavior guidelines in Help and Safety Center
  • Technology to detect fake profiles and remove them

With improved safety measures on the part of LinkedIn, your business can build reliability and security.

Make sure to check out our guide for creating a LinkedIn business page for your company.

Google’s new look

We always talk about how important local search is for your business, but now Google is making it easier!

With their new design features on search results, your business can be easily recognizable and informative during a potential customer’s initial Google search.

The features offered through this design reboot include:

  • The addition of business icons next to a search result
  • Bolded ad labels next to a web address for simple identification

With these new elements added in search results, your business can gain more visibility.

Wrap Up

Well, that's it for this month! There were a lot of social media changes in May, and we're sure there are more to come.

Make sure to stay tuned for our digital marketing news roundups at the end of every month!

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