Five Marketing Myths You Need to Forget About in 2021

If you still have questions about the value of certain digital marketing strategies or services, then listen to this podcast all about dispelling some common marketing myths.

No matter the reputation or relevance, there are always misconceptions or myths surrounding different industries, marketing included!

And in this month’s podcast, we’re back to dispel any of the digital marketing and local SEO myths that may be holding you back from pursuing digital marketing for your business or simply bringing on a new service.

We cover some common myths around local search marketing like, “I don’t need a mobile optimization strategy” or “Video doesn’t have any SEO benefits.”

While these are valid myths to consider, Dan and Chelsea have the insights you need to understand why these digital marketing and local search-related myths are not worth your time and worry.

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And don't forget to check out the full list of myths by clicking here.

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