How User Tracking is Changing With the End of Third Party Cookies

Websites are saying goodbye to third-party cookies but now what? We discuss what the landscape will look like following this change.

Have you heard the news?

It’s all about the end of cookies and while they may not be the warm and sweet kind, they are impactful when it comes to tracking and ultimately, targeting potential customers.

Specifically speaking, Google has announced the removal of third-party cookies to the search engine by the end of 2021. This extends outside of just third-party cookies as well, as Google more recently revealed the end of individual user tracking on their platform.

It is not the end of advertising on Google and other platforms, though, so make sure to listen in to the podcast for more information on the update and the future of advertising in this new landscape.

User privacy has been a hot-button topic in recent years, so this is a big step toward meeting the concerns of internet users and will call for new approaches to advertising.

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