Podcast: Do You Need Organic or Local SEO to Be Successful?

Organic SEO or local SEO - Which one is more important? Our podcast hosts explore the differences, how they're related and which one your business should focus on for digital marketing success.

Organic vs. Local SEO

Should your business be focusing on local SEO or organic SEO? In this episode of the Marketing Revelations podcast, we'll walk you through the differences between local and organic search as well as which one your business should focus on.

Think of it this way: If you're looking for a local business, product or service, local SEO is important. So, if your customers are looking for a business near them that they can call or visit, local SEO is going to be more important for your business.

If, however, you have an online store or a website that is not centered around a specific location, organic SEO will drive success for your business.

At RevLocal, we focus on local SEO (local search marketing) for our local business clients, so we have a lot of great resources you can check out to help!

 Here are a few local search marketing blog posts and videos:

Or, you can learn more about how we use local search marketing to put your business on the map here.

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